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    2424We continue to receive some fantastic help from a number of members from the Haskell community. Amongst those who have rolled up their sleeves recently are:
    26 '''Ian to make a list'''
     26 * Ben Gamari, Karel Gardas and Stephen Blackheath have been working towards getting a registerised Arm port working
     27 * Many people, including Sergei Trofimovich, Erik de Castro Lopo, Joachim Breitner, Thorkil Naur, David M Peixotto and Ben Lippmeier, have contributed platform specific fixes for other platforms
     28 * Reiner Pope added Template Haskell support for unresolved infix expressions and patterns
     29 * Jose Pedro Magalhaes has replaced the old generics support with a new design
     30 * Peter Wortmann taught GHC how to compile Objective-C++ files
     31 * Sam Anklesaria added support for additional .ghci files
     32 * Mikolaj Konarski and Duncan Coutts have improved GHC's event logging
     33 * Geoffrey Mainland improved error messages for unterminated quasiquotations
     34 * Johan Tibell implemented a "population count" primitive, and some other optimisations
     35 * Ross Paterson has fixed some problems with Arrows
     36 * Edward Z. Yang has been improving the RTS
     37 * George Roldugin improved the sync-all tool used by GHC developers
     38 * Austin Seipp has been improving some of the compiler documentation
     39 * Miscellaneous fixes and improvements from Daniel Fischer, Michal Terepeta and Lennart Kolmodin
    2841As ever, there is a lot still to do, and if you wait for us to do something then you may have to wait a long time. So don't wait; join in!