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    100100 * '''Cloud Haskell'''. The first version of Cloud Haskell has been released, aiming to bring Erlang-style distributed actors to Haskell [[]]. See also the paper at Haskell Symposium 2011 [[ CloudHaskell]]. Next, we're working on expanding the backend to work with HPC environments.
    102  * '''Parallel GHC project''':  '''Duncan'''
     102 * '''Parallel GHC project''':  Microsoft Research is funding a 2-year project to push the real-world use of parallel Haskell. We are now into the second year of the project and have some promising results from the project partners. We have also taken on two new commercial partner organisations which are interested in using Cloud Haskell. In addition to helping the project partners we have been working on parallel profiling tools: we made a release of [[ ThreadScope with new features for profiling programs that use par sparks]]. For more details, see the '''link:'''parallel GHC project entry, and the project home page [[ ParallelGhcProject]]
    104104 * '''Data Parallel Haskell'''. GHC 7.2 includes rudimentary support for Data Parallel Haskell — just enough for a little experimentation and to run simple benchmarks. We are working on significantly improving this for GHC 7.4. In particular, we aim to support the use of basic types and classes from the standard Prelude (replacing the minimalistic mock Prelude that DPH programs had to use so far), and we are working on drastically improved space and time complexity for shared data structures in nested parallel programs, such as the Barnes-Hut n-body algorithm.