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    3535 * Greg Wright is leading a strike team to make GHC work better on Macs, and has fixed the RTS linker so that GHCi will now work in 64-bit mode on OS X.
    3636 * Evan Laforge who has taken on some of the long-standing issues with the Mac installer
    37  * Sam Anklesaria implemented rebindable syntax for conditionals
    38  * ..who else..?
     37 * Sam Anklesaria implemented full import syntax for GHCi, and rebindable syntax for conditionals
     38 * PHO, who improved the OS X support
     39 * Sergei Trofimovich, who has fixed GHC on some less common Linux platforms
     40 * Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva, who has been working on the RTS
     41 * Matthias Kilian, who has been working on *BSD support
     42 * Dave Peixotto, who has improved the PAPI support
     43 * Edward Z. Yang, who has implemented interruptible FFI calls
     44 * Reiner Pope, who added view patterns to Template Haskell
     45 * Gabor Pali, who added thread affinity support for FreeBSD
    3946At GHC HQ we are having way too much fun; if you wait for us to
    4047do something you have to wait a long time.  So don't wait; join in!