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GHC Status Report May 2013

[work in progress]

  • polykinded Typeable library [Jose Pedro Magalhaes]
  • major improvements in DPH (vectorisation avoidance, new vectoriser) [Ben Lippmeier]
  • type holes [Thijs Alkemade]
  • rebindable list syntax [Achim Krause]
  • major changes to the type inference engine [Simon Peyton Jones]
  • type level natural numbers [Iavor S. Diatchki]
  • overlapping type families [Richard Eisenberg]
  • the new code generator [Simon Marlow]
  • support for vector (SSE/AVX) instructions [Geoffrey Mainland]
  • Scheduler changes to the RTS to improve latency [Simon Marlow]
  • dynamic ghci [Ian Lynagh]