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    8080  * '''Dynamic ghci.''' Ian Lynagh has changed GHCi to use dynamic libraries rather than static libraries. This means that we are now able to use the system linker to load packages, rather than having to implement our own linker. From the user's point of view, that means that a number of long-standing bugs in GHCi will be fixed, and it also reduces the amount of work needed to get a fully functional GHC port to a new platform. Currently, on Windows GHCi still uses static libraries, but we hope to have dynamic libraries working on Windows too by the time we release.
    82   * cross-compilation ['''Stephen Blackheath''']
     82  * Three connected projects: '''LLVM-based ARM back end''' with Stephen Blackheath doing an initial registerised ARMv5 version and LLVM patch and Karel Gardas working on floating point support, ARMv7 compatibility and LLVM headaches. Ben Gamari did work on the runtime linker for ARM; '''general cross-compiling''' with much work by Stephen Blackheath and Gabor Greif; culminating in the ability to compile GHC into a '''cross compiler for iOS''' (see iOS-specific parts were mostly Stephen Blackheath with Luki Iannini on the Cabal patch, testing and supporting infrastructure, also with support, assistance and testing by Miëtek Bak and Jonathan Fischoff, and thanks to many others for testing; The iOS cross compiler was started back in 2010 by Stephen Blackheath with funding from Ryan Trinkle of iPwn Studios. Thanks to Ian Lynagh for making it easy for us with integration, makefile refactoring and patience, and to David Terei for LLVM assistance.
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