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    8989 * '''Max Bolingbroke''' continues his !PhD work on supercompilation, with a nice new paper [[ ImprovingSupercompilation]].  The plan is to make his supercompiler part of GHC, over the next year or so.
    91  * ''David Mazieres at Stanford wants to implement '''Safe Haskell''', a flag for GHC that will guarantee that your program does not use `unsafePerformIO`, foreign calls, RULES, and other stuff stuff.''
     91 * '''David Mazieres''' and '''David Terei''' at Stanford are busy implementing '''[ Safe Haskell]''', a flag for GHC that will guarantee that your program has certain properties such as referential transparency and constructor access control, while still having the same semantics as it normally would. The flag basically allows you to trust the types of your program, giving you if you will a more 'pure' version of Haskell where 'unsafePerformIO' is outlawed, abstract data types are actually abstract and safety is provided by the compiler not the user. This is being done as part of a larger project by the [ Stanford Secure Computing Systems] group involving the use of dynamic information flow based security in Haskell to build a secure web framework that allows the inclusion of third party untrusted code.
    9393 * '''Ranjit Jhala''' at UC San Diego is working on implementing Liquid Types [[ Liquid]] within GHC. The goal is to allow programmers to use lightweight refinement types to specify key invariants which can then be verified through a combination of type inference and SMT solving.