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    3535 squeezed into `Type`.  Moreover, these coercion terms can get big,
    3636 so there's a new "coercion optimiser" to replace big coercions by
    37  equivalent smaller ones. All this is described in our new paper [ !NewFC].
     37 equivalent smaller ones. All this is described in our new paper [ NewFC].
    3838 These changes will (finally) complete the type-family story by
    3939 making so-called "equality superclasses" work for the first time in GHC 7.2.
    5454   Stay tuned.
    56  * '''Simon Marlow: Any update?''' Previous entry: ''In joint work with Phil Trinder and his colleagues at Herriot Watt, Simon M designed implemented a new '''parallel strategies library''', described in their 2010 Haskell Symposium paper [[ Seq]].''
     56 * Simon Marlow and '''Ryan Newton''' have developed a neat new library for deterministic parallel progarmming in Haskell; read their ICFP submission [[ DetPar]]. The model is monadic and has explicit control over granularity, but allows dynamic construction of dataflow networks that are scheduled at runtime, while remaining deterministic and pure.
    5858We are fortunate to have a growing team of people willing to roll up their
    8686 * '''Jeff Epstein''', in collaboration with Andrew Black, has implemented a library that brings Erlang's programming model to Haskell programmers.  In particular, you can write a Haskell program that runs on a cluster of machines that do not share memory.  It is all based on a modest but powerful language extension that makes it possible for a programmer to work with "static" functions; that is, ones consisting of pure code with no free variables.  The paper that describes all this is called "Haskell for the cloud" [[ Cloud]].
     88 * '''Max Bolingbroke''' continues his !PhD work on supercompilation, with a nice new paper [[ImprovingSupercompilation]].  The plan is to make his supercompiler part of GHC, over the next year or so.
    8890 * ''David Mazieres at Stanford wants to implement '''Safe Haskell''', a flag for GHC that will guarantee that your program does not use `unsafePerformIO`, foreign calls, RULES, and other stuff stuff.''
    9294  '''Simon Marlow: any update?''' Previous entry: ''Simon Marlow is working on a new garbage collector that is designed to improve scaling of parallel programs beyond small numbers of cores, by allowing each processor core to collect its own local heap independently of the other cores.  Some encouraging preliminary results were reported in a [ blog post].  Work on this continues; the complexity of the system and the number of interacting design choices means that achieving an implementation that works well in a broad variety of situations is proving to be quite a challenge.''
    94   The new code generation backend (`-fuse-new-codegen`, the rewrite of the part of GHC that turns STG syntax into C--) has seen a flurry of work, spearheaded by Edward Z. Yang. At this point, we’ve ironed out most of the bugs in the backend, and now we’re working on new optimization passes and fixing inefficiencies to get the generated code as good (or better) than the old code generator.  We’re still not at the point where the new code generator will generate better code, but we’re pretty close!
    9696== The Parallel GHC Project ==
    103103with consulting and engineering support from Well-Typed. Each organisation is working on its own particular project making use of parallel Haskell. The overall goal is to demonstrate successful serious use of parallel Haskell, and along the way to apply engineering effort to any problems with the tools that the organisations might run into.
    105 For more details, see the '''link:'''parallel GHC project entry, and the project home page [[ !ParallelGHCProject]]
     105For more details, see the '''link:'''parallel GHC project entry, and the project home page [[ ParallelGhcProject]]
    107107== Data Parallel Haskell ==
    114114== Bibliography ==
    116 '''TODO: Remove redundant entries'''
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