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    2020We are fortunate to have a growing team of people willing to roll up their
    21 sleeves and help us with GHC.  Amongst those who have got involved recently are:
     21sleeves and help us with GHC.  Amongst those who have been active recently are:
    2222  '''Ian:''' (The cross-compilation crew springs to mind. And some OS X / FBSD / Solaris / etc activity recently)
     23 * Mark Lentczner and Dan Knapp have been working on cross-compilation support
     24 * Various improvements and build fixes for OS X, from PHO, Greg Wright, Thorkil Naur and William Knop
     25 * Solaris fixes from Karel Gardas and Christian Maeder
     26 * Gentoo fixes (for SE Linux and x86 FreeBSD support) from Sergei Trofimovich
     27 * Other FreeBSD fixes from Marco Silva
     28 * Linux PowerPC fixes from Erik de Castro Lopo
     29 * Objective C support has been added by Austin Seipp
     30 * Documentation updates from Orphi
     31 * Various improvements from Michal Terepeta
     32 * General tidyups from Matthias Kilian
     33 * Primop improvements from Daniel Peebles
     34 * Some GHCi improvements from Vivian McPhail and Boris Lykah
     35 * More GHCi debugger fixes from Pepe Iborra
     36 * LLVM development continues with David Terei
     37 * Many people have given git help to those of us new to git
    2338At GHC HQ we are having way too much fun; if you wait for us to
    2439do something you have to wait a long time.  So don't wait; join in!