GHC plans for 8.8.1

This page is our road-map for what will be in 8.8.

If you believe your favorite thing belongs in this list, but isn't there, please yell. If it's not in the road map, it probably won't get done. Without a lot of support, many things in the road map won't get done either, so we need your help!


  • 18 November 2018: Cut release branch
  • 25 November 2018: Release alpha1
  • 16 December 2018: Release alpha2
  • 6 January 2019: Release alpha3
  • 27 January 2019: Release alpha4
  • 17 February 2019: Release beta1
  • 15 March 2019: Final release

Libraries Status

See Libraries? and Migration/8.8.

Release highlights (planned)

Below are the major highlights of 8.8.


Build system and miscellaneous changes

Landed in master branch

Library changes

Build system and miscellaneous changes

Tickets marked merge with no milestone

Status: merge (1 match)

Ticket Type Summary Priority Owner
#15956 bug Linker error building `runghc` normal harpocrates

Tickets slated for 8.8.1


Status: patch (14 matches)

Ticket Type Summary Priority Differential Rev(s) Owner
#15768 bug Using oneshot kqueue() on macOS highest
#16019 bug Harbormaster: OS X build fails highest Phab:D5436
#16022 bug Hadrian appears to link against libffi unconditionally highest Phab:D5427
#11126 bug Entered absent arg in a Repa program high Phab:D3221 bgamari
#15938 bug Hadrian's recompilation check is extremely slow high Phab:D5412, Phab:D5422 alpmestan
#9832 task Get rid of PERL dependency of `ghc-split` normal Phab:D2768 dobenour
#10857 bug "ghci -XMonomorphismRestriction" doesn't turn on the monomorphism restriction normal Phab:D5444 RolandSenn
#15447 task Mark the core libraries' internal modules "not-home" instead of "hide" normal Phab:D4692
#15656 task Extend -Wall with incomplete-uni-patterns and incomplete-record-updates normal Phab:D5415 ckoparkar
#15896 task GHC API: add function to allow looking up Name for Located RdrName normal Phab:D5330 alanz
#15990 bug Dynamically built GHC crashes on MacOS normal Phab:D5409
#16001 bug hadrian doesn't support setting intree gmp configuration explicitly normal Phab:D5417
#16002 bug Type family equation with wrong name is silently accepted (GHC 8.6+ only) normal Phab:D5420
#16030 bug Poor pretty-printing of GADT constructors in GHCi normal Phab:D5440

Status: upstream (5 matches)

Ticket Type Summary Priority Differential Rev(s) Owner
#13897 task Ship check-ppr in bindist and compile during testsuite run high Phab:D4039 alanz
#9775 bug "Failed to remove" errors during Windows build from hsc2hs normal
#10822 bug GHC inconsistently handles \\?\ for long paths on Windows normal Phab:D4416
#12965 bug String merging broken on Windows normal Phab:D3384
#15074 bug Possible uninitialised values in ffi64.c normal


Status: new (400 matches)

Ticket Type Summary Priority Owner
#14123 task Figure out invariants surrounding ticks in Core highest
#14251 bug LLVM Code Gen messes up registers highest
#14375 bug Implement with# primop highest bgamari
#14873 bug The well-kinded type invariant (in TcType) highest
#14899 bug Significant compilation time regression between 8.4 and HEAD due to coverage checking highest
#15064 bug T8089 mysteriously fails when GHC is built with LLVM highest osa1
#15176 bug Superclass `Monad m =>` makes program run 100 times slower highest osa1
#15508 bug concprog001 fails with various errors highest osa1
#15519 bug Minor code refactoring leads to drastic performance degradation highest
#15779 task Follow-ups to D5169 highest
#15919 task Deprecate split objects highest
#15948 bug Hadrian build fails on Windows when invoked without --configure flag highest
#16051 bug Cross compilation broken under Hadrian highest
#4012 bug Compilation results are not deterministic high niteria
#7411 bug Exceptions are optimized away in certain situations high tdammers
#8095 bug TypeFamilies painfully slow high goldfire
#8228 bug GHC built under Windows does not generate dyn_hi files high Phyx-
#8316 bug GHCi debugger panics when trying force a certain variable high
#8949 bug switch -msse2 to be on by default high
#9370 bug unfolding info as seen when building a module depends on flags in a previously-compiled module high bgamari
#10946 bug Typed hole inside typed Template Haskell bracket causes panic high
#12178 feature request Allow inline pragmas on pattern synonyms high
#12758 task Bring sanity to our performance testsuite high
#13233 bug typePrimRep panic while compiling GHC with profiling high
#13253 bug Exponential compilation time with RWST & ReaderT stack with `-02` high bgamari, osa1
#13426 bug compile-time memory-usage regression for DynFlags between GHC 8.0 and GHC 8.2 high dfeuer
#13624 bug loadObj() does not respect alignment high
#13763 bug Performance regression (~34%) in 8.2.1, poor register allocation(?) in an inner loop over an array high
#13786 bug GHCi linker is dependent upon object file order high
#14013 bug Bad monads performance high simonpj
#14069 bug RTS linker maps code as writable high
#14226 bug Common Block Elimination pass doesn't eliminate common blocks high michalt
#14270 bug GHC HEAD's ghc-stage1 panics on Data.Typeable.Internal high bgamari
#14974 bug 2-fold memory usage regression GHC 8.2.2 -> GHC 8.4.1 compiling `mmark` package high davide
#14980 bug Runtime performance regression with binary operations on vectors high bgamari
#15059 bug ghcpkg05 fails high
#15262 bug GHC and iserv cannot agree on what an Integer is; insanity ensues high
#15267 feature request Extend TVar/MVar to N capacity / Add primitive channel type high
#15383 bug T3171 doesn't terminate with Interrupted message on Darwin high
#15442 bug GhcStage3HcOpts passed to ghc-stage1 high
#15455 bug Memory usage when compiling jsaddle-dom exploded in 8.4.3 high
#15488 bug GHC takes up huge amount of memory when compiling accelerate 1.2.0 high tdammers
#15503 bug interpreter: sequence_ (replicate 100000000 (return ())) gobbles up memory high osa1
#15703 bug Significant compilation time blowup when refactoring singletons-heavy code high
#15873 task move to llvm 7 for 8.8.1 high
#15971 bug Hadrian fails Shake's linter on Windows high
#15982 bug Hadrian's `--configure` flag is broken on Windows high
#16037 bug memcpy test inexplicably failing high
#605 task Optimisation: strict enumerations normal
#806 bug hGetBufNonBlocking doesn't work on Windows normal Phyx-
#2189 bug hSetBuffering stdin NoBuffering doesn't work on Windows normal Phyx-
#2408 bug threadWaitRead on mingw32 threaded causes internal error normal Phyx-
#4471 bug Incorrect Unicode output on Windows Console normal Phyx-
#5620 bug Dynamic linking and threading does not work on Windows normal
#5797 bug readRawBufferPtr cannot be interrupted by exception on Windows with -threaded normal Phyx-
#6132 bug Can't use both shebang line and #ifdef declarations in the same file. normal
#7353 bug Make system IO interruptible on Windows normal Phyx-
#7398 bug RULES don't apply to a newtype constructor normal
#7593 bug Unable to print exceptions of unicode identifiers normal Phyx-
#8634 feature request Relax functional dependency coherence check ("liberal coverage condition") normal
#9221 bug (super!) linear slowdown of parallel builds on 40 core machine normal
#9244 feature request Compiler could warn about type variable shadowing, and hint about ScopedTypeVariables normal kanetw
#9248 bug Document -XHaskell98 and -XHaskell2010 in flag reference normal goldfire
#10056 bug Inconsistent precedence of ~ normal
#10352 task Properly link Haskell shared libs on all systems normal
#10431 feature request EqualityConstraints extension? normal
#10445 bug Wrong stack space size when using -Ksize normal
#10542 bug Incorrect Unicode input on Windows Console normal Phyx-
#10599 bug Template Haskell doesn't allow `newName "type"` normal goldfire
#10770 bug Typeable solver has strange effects normal
#10789 feature request Notify user when a kind mismatch holds up a type family reduction normal v0d1ch
#10853 bug Refine addTopDecls normal
#10878 bug Near doubling of generated code size for compiler/cmm/PprC.hs with commit 5d57087e31 normal
#10892 task ApplicativeDo should use *> and <* normal bollu
#10962 task Improved arithmetic primops normal
#10972 feature request Add a :binfo (beginner info) GHCi command normal kanetw
#11092 bug ApiAnnotations : make annotation for shebang normal alanz
#11149 task Unify fixity/associativity of <>-ish pretty-printing operators normal
#11197 bug Overeager deferred type errors normal goldfire
#11204 bug Recompilation checking stochastically broken on Darwin normal
#11222 feature request Teach strictness analysis about `catch`-like operations normal dfeuer
#11243 feature request Flag to not expand type families normal
#11261 bug Implement DWARF debugging on powerpc64 normal
#11295 task Figure out what LLVM passes are fruitful normal kavon
#11307 bug Regresssion: parsing type operators normal
#11323 bug powerpc64: recomp015 fails with redundant linking normal
#11359 task Consider removing RelaxedLayout and friends normal
#11369 bug Suppress redundant-constraint warnings in case of empty classes normal
#11384 bug Error says to fix incorrect return type normal
#11394 task Base should use native Win32 IO on Windows normal Phyx-
#11409 feature request Cannot instantiate literals using TypeApplications normal
#11457 feature request Run type-checker plugins before GHC's solver normal
#11503 bug TypeError woes (incl. pattern match checker) normal
#11526 bug unsafeLookupStaticPtr should not live in IO normal
#11587 bug Place shared objects in LIBDIR normal
#11594 feature request closed empty type families fully applied get reduced lazily when in a constraint tuple and fully applied normal
#11634 bug Bang patterns bind... unexpectedly. Deserves loud warning normal
#11686 feature request implicit call stacks should provide a way to get the calling function's name normal gridaphobe
#11749 task Add long forms for multi-character short-form flags and possibly deprecate short forms normal
#11836 bug Hello World Bug - silent stdout errors normal
#11953 feature request Export Word32#, Word64# on all architectures normal michalt
#11955 bug Haddock documentation for pattern synonyms printed with explicit forall quantifiers normal
#12021 bug Type variable escapes its scope normal
#12090 task Document Weverything/Wall/Wextra/Wdefault in user's guide normal hvr
#12193 bug Include target versions of unlit and hsc2hs when cross-compiling normal thomie
#12388 bug Don't barf on failures in the RTS linker normal
#12389 feature request Limit duplicate export warnings for datatypes normal parsonsmatt
#12428 feature request Allow pattern synonyms to optionally carry coerceability normal
#12581 bug Testsuite segfaults on OS X normal
#12599 task Add Hadrian build artifacts to gitignore normal bgamari
#12619 task Allow users guide to be built independently from GHC normal
#12636 bug ProfHeap's printf modifiers are incorrect normal
#12652 bug Type checker no longer accepting code using function composition and rank-n types normal simonpj
#12665 feature request Make Read instances for Integral types faster, and make them fail fast normal dfeuer
#12765 task Don't optimize coercions with -O0 normal
#12774 task bkpcabal02 test fails on OS X normal
#12798 bug LLVM seeming to over optimize, producing inefficient assembly code... normal
#12808 bug For closures, Loop Invariant Code Flow related to captured free values not lifted outside the loop... normal
#12875 bug GHC fails to link all StaticPointers-defining modules of a library in an executable normal
#12891 task Automate symbols inclusion in RtsSymbols.c from Rts.h normal bgamari
#12913 task Port SplitSections to Windows normal
#12926 bug ghc master (8.1.20161202) panics with assertion failure with devel2 flavor and -O2 normal
#12934 bug Testsuite driver buffering behavior has changed with Python 3 normal
#12937 bug String merging broken on Darwin normal bgamari
#12940 bug ghc-8.0.2 RC1 libs installed under package dirs vs Cabal installing packages under abi dir normal
#12941 task Extend nofib with benchmarks focused on compiler performance normal michalt
#12949 bug Pattern coverage checker ignores dictionary arguments normal gkaracha
#13002 bug :set -O does not work in .ghci file normal
#13003 bug improve documentation for typed TH and make it more discoverable normal
#13065 feature request Prohibit user-defined Generic and Generic1 instances normal
#13069 bug hs-boot files permit default methods in type class (but don't typecheck them) normal
#13072 task Move large tuples to a separate module in base normal rwbarton
#13078 bug Panic from ghc-stage1 when building HEAD with profiling normal
#13080 bug Memory leak caused by nested monadic loops normal
#13090 bug Expose all unfoldings of overloaded functions by default normal
#13091 bug Build broken on amd64 solaris 11 normal
#13092 bug family instance consistency checks are too pessimistic normal rwbarton
#13093 bug Runtime linker chokes on object files created by MSVC++ normal Phyx-
#13152 feature request Provide a mechanism to notify build system when .hi file is ready normal
#13153 bug Several Traversable instances have an extra fmap normal dfeuer
#13154 bug Standalone-derived anyclass instances aren't as permissive as empty instances normal
#13176 feature request Deprecate the realWorld# normal
#13189 feature request Implement same specification as GHC spec file for mingw32 normal Phyx-
#13225 bug Fannkuch-redux time regression from join point patch normal
#13226 bug Compiler allocation regressions from top-level string literal patch normal
#13243 bug make test in non-validate configuration fails with a variety of ghci errors normal
#13280 task Consider deriving more Foldable methods normal dfeuer
#13309 task Use liftA2 in ApplicativeDo normal AaronFriel
#13331 bug Worker/wrapper can lead to sharing failure normal
#13346 task Run nofib with -fspec-constr-keen normal
#13357 task Check demand signatures for catchRetry# and catchSTM# normal
#13360 feature request Add a flag to enable inferring HasCallStack constraints normal
#13363 bug Wildcard patterns and COMPLETE sets can lead to misleading redundant pattern-match warnings normal
#13390 bug String literal float-out during desugaring regresses T1969 at -O0 normal
#13406 bug IO hack in demand analyzer can miss I/O normal
#13408 feature request Consider inferring a higher-rank kind for type synonyms normal
#13423 bug Exception to I/O hack in demand analyzer too broad normal
#13448 task Make HPC use an RTS option to select the tix file normal dfeuer
#13465 bug Foldable deriving treatment of tuples is too surprising normal
#13507 bug Changes to environment files don't apply in GHCi on :reload normal
#13511 feature request ApplicativeDo return case doesn't handle lets normal
#13513 bug Incorrect behavior on arm64 with optimisations normal
#13515 bug Unexpected failure of T11223_simple_duplicate_lib on 32-bit Windows normal
#13554 feature request Allow the user to provide a C function that is called on each thread the RTS creates before running any Haskell code normal
#13564 task Why does memory usage increase so much during CoreTidy? normal
#13629 bug sqrt should use machine instruction on x86_64 normal
#13647 bug Tidy up TcTypeable normal
#13686 feature request Compile a few modules for profiling unconditionally normal
#13692 bug Constructors and such should be able to move around seq# sometimes normal
#13693 bug RTS cannot be reinitialized reliably after hs_exit() normal
#13717 bug Pattern synonym exhaustiveness checks don't play well with EmptyCase normal
#13723 feature request Recover gracefully from simplifier tick exhaustion normal
#13724 bug Clamping of llvm llc to -O1 and -O2 normal
#13753 feature request Improve GHC's ghc package environment lookup logic normal
#13898 task Consolidate treatment of strictness in parser normal
#13904 bug LLVM does not need to trash caller-saved registers. normal
#13905 bug ApplicativeDo is too strict with newtype patterns normal
#13906 bug ApplicativeDo doesn't handle existentials as well as it could normal
#13944 feature request Introduce synchronized FFI normal
#13981 bug Family instance consistency checks happens too early when hs-boot defined type occurs on LHS normal
#14003 feature request Allow more worker arguments in SpecConstr normal choenerzs
#14023 task Split up glasgow_exts.rst normal
#14030 task Implement the "Derive Lift instances for data types in template-haskell" proposal normal RyanGlScott
#14040 bug Typed holes regression in GHC 8.0.2: No skolem info: z_a1sY[sk:2] normal
#14111 bug strange error when using data families with levity polymorphism and unboxed sums and data families normal RyanGlScott
#14155 bug GHC mentions unlifted types out of the blue (to me anyway) normal goldfire
#14164 bug GHC hangs on type family dependency normal
#14165 bug Investigate regressions from simplifier refactor normal
#14214 bug Users guide lies about default optimization level normal bgamari
#14242 bug Ticks and join points don't play well normal
#14252 feature request ApplicativeDo: Add compiler message about irrefutable pattern matches and Monad constraints normal
#14261 bug ghc stopped recognizing some arm triplets that used to work: Failed to lookup the datalayout for armv7a-hardfloat-linux-gnueabi; available targets: normal angerman
#14319 bug Stuck type families can lead to lousy error messages normal
#14331 bug Overzealous free-floating kind check causes deriving clause to be rejected normal
#14337 bug typeRepKind can perform substantial amounts of allocation normal
#14400 feature request Make :sprint, :print, and :force work with cyclical structures normal
#14401 task Add a test ensuring that TypeReps can be stored in compact regions normal
#14405 task Remove core-spec.pdf from repository normal
#14412 bug Can't run tests with sdist -> bindist -> test normal
#14469 bug Rebuilding profiled stage2 after building stage3 is broken normal
#14502 task Build Alpine Linux binary distributions normal bgamari
#14509 task Consider adding new stg_ap_* functions normal
#14512 bug System-wide installed profile build cannot load normal
#14530 bug hWaitForInput causes the program to abort on Windows normal Phyx-
#14579 bug GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving produces ambiguously-kinded code normal
#14602 task Implement the pattern synonym construction function signatures proposal normal
#14604 feature request Flag to disable error position description normal
#14610 bug newtype wrapping of a monadic stack kills performance normal
#14617 bug Join point test join001 doesn't seem to be properly automated normal
#14620 bug Polymorphic functions not easily recognized as join points normal
#14670 bug -XRebindableSyntax needs return? normal simonmar
#14672 task Make likelyhood of branches/conditions available throughout the compiler. normal
#14673 bug Unary Unboxed Tuple Type Constructor normal
#14684 bug combineIdenticalAlts is only partially implemented normal sjakobi
#14727 bug Unboxed sum performance surprisingly poor normal
#14729 bug normaliseType is not well-kinded normal
#14765 bug Levity polymorphism panic normal
#14806 feature request Officially sanction certain unsafeCoerce applications with unboxed unary tuples normal
#14816 bug Missed Called Arity opportunity? normal
#14823 bug Test profiling/should_run/scc001 fails on Circle CI normal bgamari
#14838 bug missing "incomplete-patterns" warning for TH-generated functions normal
#14839 bug Bits typeclass law for LSB normal
#14870 bug Runtime performance regression in 8.4 normal
#14909 task Change default armhf target to a newer architecture normal
#14911 feature request Offer a way to augment call stacks normal
#15011 task Automate update of VersionHistory table normal bgamari
#15020 bug PatternSynonyms: Problems with quantified constraints / foralls normal
#15028 task Deprecate and Remove Data.Semigroup.Option and Data.Monoid.First/Last normal
#15029 bug haddock parsing fails with valid input normal
#15034 bug Desugaring `mdo` moves a `let` where it shouldn't be normal
#15043 feature request A more aggressive version of -fprint-expanded-synonyms that prints all type synonyms normal
#15044 feature request Option to output instance resolution process normal
#15048 task Fix mirroring of terminfo and haskeline normal hvr
#15054 bug ghc internal error appeared in GHCI normal
#15056 bug Wrappers inlined too late normal
#15069 bug Missed SpecConstr opportunity normal
#15070 bug postInlineUnconditionally is too eager normal
#15072 task Teach the testsuite driver about response files normal ckoparkar
#15075 bug Sometimes '-optl-optl' used for linker options instead of just '-optl' normal
#15077 feature request Suggest NoMonomorphismRestriction or type signature normal
#15078 feature request base: Customary type class laws (e.g. for Eq) and non-abiding instances (e.g. Float) should be documented normal Azel
#15080 feature request List Operators Sorted by Precedence in GHCi normal artemohanjanyan
#15081 bug Finite list becomes infinite after maping fractional function for high numbers normal
#15089 task Compiling stage2 with -g causes spurious test suite failures due to stderr mismatches normal
#15090 task Do more coercion optimisation on the fly normal
#15091 task Better occurrence analysis for join points normal
#15092 feature request Optionally bounds-check primops normal
#15096 bug GHC fails to execute gcc on Windows when unicode character is in the path normal
#15100 bug `ApplicativeDo` needlessly uses `join` too much normal
#15106 task Explore using pure unifier instead of monadic one normal
#15124 task Improve block layout for the NCG normal AndreasK
#15126 task Opportunity to compress common info table representation. normal
#15129 feature request Expose ghc-pkg internals as a library normal
#15130 bug Hadrian doesn't rebuild changed `CoreUtils.hs` normal
#15135 bug Overlapping typeclass instance selection depends on the optimisation level normal
#15147 bug Type checker plugin receives Wanteds that are not completely unflattened normal
#15148 task Allow setting of custom alignments normal
#15153 bug GHC uses O_NONBLOCK on regular files, which has no effect, and blocks the runtime normal
#15155 bug How untagged pointers sneak into banged fields normal heisenbug
#15156 feature request Show instances for types exported from the ghc package normal
#15159 bug Expand compatibility note for readMVar normal
#15167 bug DerivClause list is not populated for (TyConI (DataD ...)) normal
#15175 bug ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened) normal
#15177 bug Faulty instance termination check, with PolyKinds and/or TypeInType normal
#15182 feature request Lazier Semigroup instance for Maybe normal
#15183 feature request Expose the SNat type and the natSing method normal
#15184 bug T4442 fails on i386 normal
#15190 bug disable haddock disables building of manuals normal
#15191 bug Deriving via DeriveAnyClass not behaving the same as an emply instance declaration normal
#15193 bug QSem makes nonsense claim normal
#15194 feature request Consider a QSem variant that can hold back resources normal
#15200 bug RFC: export WordPtr from Data.Word and IntPtr from Data.Int rather than only from Foreign.Ptr normal
#15201 bug GHC 8.4 fails to build on Debian s390x normal
#15203 bug Wrong location reported for kind error normal
#15205 bug Unnecessary equality superclass normal
#15208 bug GHC 8.4 fails to build on Debian armel (softfloat) normal
#15210 task Use ByteStrings for strings that don't use FastString's features normal
#15211 bug exprFreeVars does not include type variables normal
#15219 task Implement UnliftedNewtypes proposal normal
#15220 bug ScopedTypeVariables binds a non-existent variable normal
#15241 bug Validate failures in sanity way normal
#15247 task Use empty types for TTG extension constructors normal
#15248 bug Coercions from plugins cannot be stopped from floating out normal
#15249 task Add support for cmpeq and cmpgt MMX intrinsics normal newhoggy
#15250 bug Add support for _mm512_shuffle_epi8 intrinsic normal
#15251 bug Add support for _mm_shuffle_pi8 intrinsic normal
#15252 bug syn_arg_wraps and syn_res_wrap are only populated after typechecking normal
#15253 feature request Add support for type-level integers normal
#15257 bug Broken symlinks in lndir build tree normal
#15258 task Implement CMOV support. normal AndreasK
#15270 bug TH doesn't verify name types during conversion normal
#15272 feature request Handle implied flags more intuitively normal
#15277 task Move field name resolution to the type-checker normal adamgundry
#15283 task Locale issue in the testsuite normal
#15288 bug Figure out what to do about retainer profiling debugging code normal
#15291 bug Incorrect SCC name parsing according to user manual normal
#15295 bug Haddock options should be concatenated normal
#15297 feature request Add support for insert, extract and broadcast SIMD instructions for native X86 codegen normal
#15298 feature request Support spliced function names in type signatures in TH declaration quotes normal
#15309 bug mkLHsOpTy is discarding API Annotations normal alanz
#15312 bug getChanContents exception behavior seems a bit odd normal
#15313 bug Framework failures on windows with plugins normal
#15320 feature request Save the types in the typechecked syntax tree normal
#15322 bug `KnownNat` does not imply `Typeable` any more when used with plugin normal
#15326 feature request Add option to disable error message expression context (the 'In the expression' things) normal nadine
#15327 feature request Optimize remainders by powers of two for Integer and Natural normal
#15336 bug ./System/IO.hs accidentally overridden when running ghci normal
#15337 bug Warning not showing up when deprecated variable is explicitly imported normal
#15338 bug ghc-pkg misbehaves after possible miscompilation on m68k and sh4 normal
#15340 task Investigate using Ward on RTS normal
#15344 bug ApplicativeDo seems to prevent the fail method from being used normal
#15345 task Duplication between `CoreSubst` and `SimplEnv` is very unfortunate normal
#15354 bug QuantifiedConstraints not fully described in manual normal
#15356 bug Template Haskell should turn off RebindableSyntax in quotes normal
#15358 feature request no way to talk about unpacking sum types / unpacking tuples normal
#15362 bug Template Haskell ignores bad type family definitions normal mnguyen
#15364 feature request Replace the atomicModifyMutVar# primop normal
#15376 bug GHC determine illegal kind for standalone deriving with Deriving via normal
#15377 bug Cut an STM release normal
#15378 task Use TcLevels to decide about floating out of implications normal
#15381 task Write documentation for iserv-proxy normal
#15382 bug heapprof001 segfaults in prof_hc_hb way on i386 normal
#15384 task Every implication should bump the TcLevel exactly once normal
#15388 bug GHC reports missing INLINABLE pragmas in vector and ghc-prim normal
#15389 bug -Wall-missed-specialisations warnings not fatal with -Werror normal
#15391 bug Maybe ghc-pkg register should unregister packages with "incompatible" signatures normal
#15392 feature request Inconsistency in parsing trailing commas inside import section normal
#15394 feature request GHC doesn't come with dynamic object files/libraries compiled with profiling normal
#15395 feature request Make StaticPtr (more) robust to code changes and recompilation normal
#15402 bug The settings and behaviour of idle GC are very confusing normal
#15403 feature request Compact Regions with Lazy Evaluation normal
#15409 bug Quantified constraints half-work with equality constraints normal
#15411 bug urk! lookup local fingerprint normal trommler
#15414 task Why both gen and gen_no in bdescr? normal
#15416 bug Higher rank types in pattern synonyms normal
#15420 bug executable with library and template haskell doesn't compile statically normal
#15424 feature request There should be a flag for GHCi that tells it to load as many modules as possible normal
#15425 bug GHC does not warn when two conflicting packages with same name are given via a dependent package and -package-db normal
#15427 bug Calling hs_try_putmvar from an unsafe foreign call can cause the RTS to hang normal
#15429 task The docs for Unsafe.Coerce should recommend using Data.Coerce instead normal
#15433 bug Internal error with PartialTypeSignatures and TH normal
#15434 bug DerivingVia (and perhaps even GND) works badly with DeriveGeneric normal
#15435 bug Make nofib-style anaysis for perf/compiler normal
#15437 bug Internal error when applying a scoped type variable inside a typed expression quotation normal
#15448 feature request Allow execution of stage2 compiler to happen later normal
#15449 bug Nondeterministic Failure on aarch64 with -jn, n > 1 normal tmobile
#15454 feature request Have GHCi automatically use -fobject-code for modules that use UnboxedTuples normal
#15459 bug Wredundant-constraints does not work when constraint synonym is used normal
#15461 feature request Machine accessible interface to GHCi normal
#15462 bug fixST for lazy ST is a bit wrong normal
#15464 bug Template Haskell creates System names when it shouldn't normal
#15468 feature request add -Wname-shadowing and -Wunused-pattern-binds to the default warnings for ghci normal
#15470 feature request Record projections with ambiguous types normal
#15471 bug Polymorphism, typed splices and type inference don't mix normal
#15474 bug Error message mentions Any normal
#15477 bug Can't build `prof`-flavour with `-fauto-all` normal
#15483 feature request ghc -M requires -dep-suffix for no good reason normal
#15534 feature request Allow associated types in Minimal pragmas normal
#15536 feature request Unify unlifted pointer equality primitives normal
#15549 bug Core Lint error with EmptyCase normal
#15560 bug Full laziness destroys opportunities for join points normal chessai
#15596 feature request When a type application cannot be applied to an identifier due to the absence of an explicit type signature, let the error just say so! normal
#15621 bug Error message involving type families points to wrong location normal
#15642 feature request Improve the worst case performance of weak pointers normal
#15644 bug Test Suite Unexpected failure for ghci062(ghci-ext) normal
#15651 task Check if some auto apply code is dead and remove if appropriate. normal
#15652 bug SerializedCompact has a [(Ptr a, Word)] instead of a custom datatype normal ezyang
#15653 bug Both `Ptr a` in SerializedCompact are inaccurate because of the `a` normal ezyang
#15654 task Use deriving Functor in the codebase normal RolandSenn
#15662 bug Line pragmas appear to be slightly broken with Clang's CPP normal
#15677 bug Valid hole fits and GADT type variable names normal
#15678 bug Provide the provenance of unification variables in error messages when possible normal
#15681 bug Take {-# COMPLETE #-} pragma into consideration when using MonadFailDesugaring normal
#15690 feature request Add Eq1/Ord1/Read1/Show1 instances to newtypes in Data.Semigroup normal
#15717 bug Performance regression in for_ alternatives from GHC 8.2.2 to newer GHCs normal
#15719 feature request Primitive atomic logical operations normal
#15731 feature request Add sortOn/coerce rule normal
#15753 bug Inconsistent pattern-match warnings when using guards versus case expressions normal
#15774 bug SIGQUIT only reports backtrace for one capability normal
#15819 bug COMPLETE pragma not listed in GHC manual index normal bgamari
#15821 task Implement more constant folding for Naturals normal
#15831 bug DerivingVia allows bogus implicit quantification in `via` type normal
#15842 feature request Exponentiation needs PrelRules normal
#15890 feature request Provide a way for hadrian users to always pass some options to hadrian itself normal alpmestan
#15899 bug Testcase tcfail158 is broken normal
#15908 bug Hadrian: Spurious build failure on fresh build normal
#15968 bug configure doesn't error out when --enable-dwarf-unwind is given but libdw cannot be found normal
#15969 bug Generic1 deriving should use more coercions normal
#15979 bug Core Lint error with LiberalTypeSynonyms normal
#16009 feature request Deprecate `optional` from Text.ParserCombinators.ReadP normal
#16033 bug Rank-n typechecking regression between GHC 8.4 and 8.6 normal
#16039 bug 'GHC.Magic.noinline <var>' should not float out normal heisenbug
#16049 feature request Add a warning flag that warns when a datatype could be a newtype normal
#2725 task Remove Hack in compiler/nativeGen/X86/CodeGen.hs low thoughtpolice
#11958 task Improved testing of cross-compiler low bgamari
#15127 bug Unbox around runRW# low
#15227 bug Add PrelRules for par# low
#15375 bug GHC.Exts.Heap.getClosureData doesn't return the payload for AP_STACK low
#15452 feature request [GHCi] Add an option to make tab completion case-insensitive low
#15510 feature request Qualified Holes low


Status: infoneeded (11 matches)

Ticket Type Summary Priority Owner
#13576 bug Runtime crashes on arm64 (iOS) high
#15418 bug Performance drop 60 times on non-profiling binary high
#6087 bug Join points need strictness analysis normal
#12482 bug Infinite compilation time when using wrongly ordered constraints normal
#12932 bug -fexternal-interpreter` fails to find symbols normal
#13104 bug runRW# ruins join points normal chessai
#14283 task Remove the special case for tagToEnum# in the code generator? normal
#15010 bug Application (warp) server crashing periodically with "TSO object entered" normal
#15207 bug bad dwarf frame in stgRun.c when compiled with with gcc on mac and assembled by as/gcc/clang (aka apple clang assembler) normal
#15328 bug cpphs: internal error: evacuate(static): strange closure type 8440 normal
#15465 bug PAP object entered normal

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