GHC plans for 8.2.2

This page is our road-map for what will be in 8.2.2.

Current status

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Tickets marked merge with no milestone

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Tickets slated for 8.2.2



Status: new (21 matches)

Ticket Type Summary Priority Owner
#13990 bug Core Lint error on empty case highest
#11198 bug TypeInType error message regressions high
#11959 bug Importing doubly exported pattern synonym and associated pattern synonym panics high
#13604 bug ghci no longer loads dynamic .o files by default if they were built with -O high
#13745 task Investigate compile-time regressions in regex-tdfa-1.2.2 high
#13929 bug GHC panic with levity polymorphism high
#13943 bug Compiler infinite loop with GHC-8.2 high
#14017 bug "make install" with non-standard umask causes bad permission on package.cache high bgamari
#14021 bug 8.2.1 deb8 bindist fails to install on Windows 10 WSL high bgamari
#14054 bug Cabal generates ill-typed Paths module when relocatable high
#14170 bug 8.2.1 regression: GHC fails to simplify `natVal` high
#14199 bug Document Type.Reflection better (Fun and Con') high
#14217 bug Interface-file decls for large tuples high
#13379 bug Space leak / quadratic behavior when inlining normal
#13564 task Why does memory usage increase so much during CoreTidy? normal
#13873 bug Adding a SPECIALIZE at a callsite in Main.hs is causing a regression normal
#14003 feature request Allow more worker arguments in SpecConstr normal
#14057 task Upstream Alpine Linux distribution patches normal
#14078 bug -ddump-json doesn't work well with GHCi normal
#14174 bug GHC panic with TypeInType and type family normal
#14180 bug Strange/bad error message binding unboxed type variable normal


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