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Known issues:

  • #8696 - lens fails to build.
  • Mavericks suffers from some preprocessing bugs. We're going to try using cpphs as an alternative.
  • #7602 - OS X's parallel garbage collector is still performing badly. We're going to keep looking at this for the final release, but no guarantees.
  • Done: RC1's version number is 7.8.20140130 when it should be RC2 will use 7.8.0.<date>.
  • The Linux binary builds require glibc 2.15 (Ubuntu 12.04.) RC2 will use glibc 2.13 (Debian 7/stable) instead.
  • hackage:cabal-install- is not build-able with 7.8.1; if you want to build cabal-install with RC1 you need check out latest version from the Cabal 1.18 branch until hackage:cabal-install- is released.

Tickets scheduled for 7.8.1

See milestone:7.8.1

Note however, that not all tickets with a 7.8.1 milestone will be addressed for the final 7.8.1 release.

Tickets filed against RC1


Ticket Type Summary Priority Owner
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Ticket Type Summary Priority Owner
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Ticket Type Summary Priority Owner
#5013 bug sporadic failures during compilation under solaris normal
#5682 bug Properly parse promoted data constructor operators normal
#7134 bug ghc- -> internal error R_X86_64_PC32 highest thoughtpolice
#7830 bug Error: operand out of range highest
#8631 bug Need ImpredicativeTypes for GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving? normal
#8698 bug .ctors handling does not work on Windows 64-bit ghci normal ezyang
#8699 bug Multiple test faliures on 32-bit Linux systems. normal
#8700 bug Cross-compilation perf-cross BuildFlavour high
#8701 bug Update libffi-tarballs to latest libffi high
#8705 bug Type inference regression with local dictionaries high
#8706 bug Kind operators not parsed normal
#8717 bug Segfault in 64-bit Windows GHCi high
#8719 bug clarify prefetch release notes + remove some deadcode normal
#8722 bug powerpc64: error Cannot find a way to declare the thread-local gc variable normal thoughtpolice
#8724 bug x86_64 cas references unsigned int rather than StgWord normal
#8726 bug integer-gmp division regression highest hvr
#8728 bug Segmentation fault in Cabal normal
#8734 bug 7.8.1 rc1 ghci won't load compiled files high
#8735 bug hpc crashes on platforms using dynamic linking high
#8737 bug T5975a fails when using official Windows Python distribution low
#8739 bug ($) returning kind # no longer type checks normal
#8741 bug `System.Directory.getPermissions` fails on read-only filesystem high AlainODea
#8743 bug The impossible happened : Prelude.(!!): index too large highest nomeata
#8744 bug "Thread-local storage not supported" for Mac normal
#8745 bug GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving is still not Safe normal
#8746 bug Crosscompiling normal
#8748 bug ghc-7.8-rc1/HEAD: --enable-unregisterised fails to build and run with threaded RTS, profiling mode high
#8749 bug Pattern synonyms crash GHCi normal
#8754 bug :set +s always says space usage is 0 bytes high
#8757 bug Disallow local pattern synonym declarations normal cactus
#8758 bug GeneralizedNewtypeDeriving sometimes needs RankNTypes normal goldfire
#8759 bug Pattern synonyms and TH normal goldfire
#8760 bug ghc 7.8: ghc-split not installed normal
#8762 bug Panic involving unboxed tuples and phantom types normal
#8764 bug Usage of `sed' in GHC build system (Solaris build failure). normal
#8766 bug length [Integer] is twice as slow but length [Int] is 10 times faster normal
#8770 bug ghci dynamic loading on MacOSX assumes .dylib extension (should check .so also) normal
#8773 bug Require -XIncoherentInstances to write role annotations on class definitions normal goldfire
#8775 bug GHC panic building postgresql-simple normal
#8778 feature request Typeable TypeNats normal diatchki
#8781 feature request check if GNU nm is really needed and if so let configure detect gnm normal kgardas
#8786 bug libraries/primitive build failure on Solaris 10 normal
#8792 bug doc incorrect: Mac OS X does not supply lllvm i.e. opt and llc normal
#8794 task Unresolved @ArSupportsAtFile@ on Solaris distribution. lowest kgardas
#8795 bug Build fails on Solaris 10 due to missing ranlib normal kgardas
#8797 feature request Generics instances for monoid and applicative newtypes normal
#8800 bug hpc dyld issue highest
#8801 bug Exclude extralibs from sdist normal
#8803 bug ghc panic ((!!): index too large) when building some packages normal
#8805 bug QuasiQuote should imply -dynamic-too, too normal
#8810 bug rts/RetainerProfile.c: include missing header for 'markStableTables' normal
#8813 task further support deriving instances Typeable1, Typeable2, etc normal dreixel
#8815 bug confusing language in error message normal sivteck
#8817 bug segmentation fault in 7.8 RC1 highest simonmar
#8820 bug 7.8 RC1 unregisterised fails selfbootstrap on 64 bit Linux normal
#8823 bug showFloat for higher precision types produces strange results for some values low
#8825 bug ghc can't determine gcc version on ru_RU locale normal
#8918 bug Network package doesn't load under GHC 7.8 RC on windows (?) normal
#8951 bug genSym uses atomic_inc but doesn't link arm_atomic_spin_lock normal