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Status of GHC 7.8 Boot Libraries

TODO Update Version History when GHC 7.8 release reaches RC phase.

TODO Hackage needs to be updated to use Cabal 1.18.x

GHC-owned Libraries

Common tasks:

  • TODO clean-up .cabal files
  • TODO add changelogs


  • performed deprecation-removals & major version bump
  • ready for release


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Ticket Type Summary Priority Owner Reporter
#3399 proposal Generalize the type of Data.List.{deleteBy, deleteFirstsBy} normal iago
#9795 feature request Debug.Trace.trace is too strict normal jcpetruzza
#9936 bug Data.Fixed truncates 5.17 to 5.16 normal singpolyma
#10055 feature request Offer PolyKinded instances for Data.Fixed.HasResolution low redneb
#10084 feature request Data.List should have a takeLastN function normal leonbaum2
#10169 bug bracket not running the final action on termination through SIGTERM normal Kritzefitz
#10193 bug TypeRep Show instance doesn't add parens around type operators normal pawel.nowak
#10266 task Split base for Backpack low ezyang ezyang
#10412 bug isAlphaNum includes mark characters, but neither isAlpha nor isNumber do normal Artyom.Kazak
#10484 bug hPutBuf crashes when trying to write a large string to stdout (resource exhausted) normal bayloff
1 2 3 4 5 6

  • TODO make sure all recent additions are /Since:/-annotated
  • TODO Deprecated functions since at least GHC 7.4:
    module Control.Concurrent.Chan
    {-# DEPRECATED unGetChan "if you need this operation, use Control.Concurrent.STM.TChan instead.  See for details" #-} -- deprecated in 7.0
    {-# DEPRECATED isEmptyChan "if you need this operation, use Control.Concurrent.STM.TChan instead. See for details" #-} -- deprecated in 7.0
    module Data.Typeable.Internal
    {-# DEPRECATED tyConString "renamed to tyConName; tyConModule and tyConPackage are also available." #-} -- deprecated in 7.4
    module Debug.Trace
    {-# DEPRECATED putTraceMsg "Use Debug.Trace.traceIO" #-} -- deprecated in 7.4
    module GHC.Exts
    {-# DEPRECATED traceEvent "Use Debug.Trace.traceEvent or Debug.Trace.traceEventIO" #-} -- deprecated in 7.4


  • cleaned up
  • ready for release






  • ready for release


  • ready for release


  • TODO changelog entry for


Ticket Type Summary Priority Owner Reporter
#1853 bug hpc mix files for Main modules overwrite each other lowest guest
#2075 feature request hpc should render information about the run in its html markup lowest andy@… dons
#2224 bug -fhpc inteferes/prevents rewrite rules from firing lowest andy@… dons
#10367 bug "ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened)" normal bgwines
#10504 bug GHC panics with dsImpSpecs on SPECIALISE pragma with -fhpc enabled normal nh2
#10951 bug HPC program has poor error reporting / strange CLI in general low mgsloan
#10952 bug Use IPids instead of package keys in HPC tix files low mgsloan
#12065 bug there is a way to override the .tix path with HPCTIXFILE normal kostmo
#12631 bug `hpc report` silently ignore non-existent modules normal quabla
#13448 task Make HPC use an RTS option to select the tix file normal dfeuer dfeuer
#13452 bug Lock .tix file normal dfeuer

  • ready for release


  • not yet on Hackage, but planned to upload in order to have Haddock docs there


  • ready for release


  • ready for release


  • Note: extra library (i.e. not part of normal distribution)
  • ready for release
  • For next major version: contains many DEPRECATED functions in Control.Parallel.Strategies since at least 2010:
    {-# DEPRECATED Done "The Strategy type is now a -> Eval a, not a -> Done" #-}
    {-# DEPRECATED demanding "Use pseq or $| instead" #-}
    {-# DEPRECATED sparking "Use par or $|| instead" #-}
    {-# DEPRECATED (>|) "Use pseq or $| instead" #-}
    {-# DEPRECATED (>||) "Use par or $|| instead" #-}
    {-# DEPRECATED rwhnf "renamed to rseq" #-}
    {-# DEPRECATED seqTraverse "renamed to evalTraversable" #-}
    {-# DEPRECATED parTraverse "renamed to parTraversable" #-}
    {-# DEPRECATED parListWHNF "use (parList rseq) instead" #-}
    {-# DEPRECATED seqList "renamed to evalList" #-}
    {-# DEPRECATED seqPair "renamed to evalTuple2" #-}
    {-# DEPRECATED parPair "renamed to parTuple2" #-}
    {-# DEPRECATED seqTriple "renamed to evalTuple3" #-}
    {-# DEPRECATED parTriple "renamed to parTuple3" #-}
    {-# DEPRECATED unEval "renamed to runEval" #-}


  • why was there a major version bump?
  • ready for release


  • Note: this is an extra library (i.e. not part of binary distribution); not critical for release; stm-2.4.2 still builds fine with GHC HEAD.
  • cleaned up; repo contains unreleased state
  • TODO find out when/whether to release an updated version


  • cleaned up and ready for release


  • cleaned up; almost ready for a release
  • TODO open issue in System.Posix.Process.Common module, remove those functions or leave them?
    {-# DEPRECATED createProcessGroup "This function is scheduled to be replaced by something different in the future, we therefore recommend that you do not use this version and use createProcessGroupFor instead." #-} -- deprecated in 7.2
    {-# DEPRECATED setProcessGroupID "This function is scheduled to be replaced by something different in the future, we therefore recommend that you do not use this version and use setProcessGroupIdOf instead." #-} -- deprecated in 7.2



3rd Party Libraries

Note: Libraries with a "1" marker are used internally (e.g. by ghci or haddock) and not exposed in the (boot-)package database. Libraries marked "2" are used by DPH (and only installed when InstallExtraPackages=YES)










  • TODO GHC's repo is slightly ahead of upstream