GHC plans for 7.10.1

GHC 7.10.1 RC3 has been released. This is the final phase of the release.

See milestone:7.10.1 and Active tickets for more.

Anything in 'patch' status will be merged for 7.10.1.

Special things of note:

  • Final Release is planned to happen on March 20th, 2015.
  • We will fix merge, patch, and highest priority bugs (only) in the list below
  • For 7.10.1, we're going to try to distribute Windows binaries using minghc.

Migration Guide to 7.10

Tickets slated for 7.10.1

Ticket Type Summary Priority Owner
No tickets found

Tickets marked merge with no milestone

Status: merge (12 matches)

Ticket Type Summary Priority Owner
#5642 bug Deriving Generic of a big type takes a long time and lots of space normal bgamari
#7105 feature request Better names for derived SCCs of instances normal simonmar
#8473 feature request Generate table of cost-centre numbers with source locations normal
#11564 bug Possible overzealous unfolding high
#11825 feature request Pretty printer doesn't display functional dependency with ‘→’ normal
#12064 bug tcIfaceGlobal error with existentially quantified types normal ezyang
#12115 bug CoreLint error in safe program normal
#12116 feature request No easy way to add cost-centre to top-levels normal
#12125 feature request Field accessors unnecessarily kept alive normal osa1
#12242 bug panic with complicated type/kind/class expressions normal simonpj
#12371 bug Error message, room for improvement normal
#12408 bug "ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened)" only when compiled with "-O" normal

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