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Splitting base

In a thread on glasglow-haskell-users in February some ideas about splitting base in smaller components were floating around. This wiki page tries to assemble ideas on how to re-group the modules.

The following is a list of all modules in Base, with a suggested re-grouping. Whether this makes sense WRT interdependencies has not yet been verified:

Non-Obvious interdependencies

This is a list of interdependencies between seemingly unrelated parts that need to be taken into consideration:

  • class Monad mentions String, hence pulling Char
  • class Monad mentions error and Data.Int requires throw DivideByZero, hence pulling in exceptions
  • Exceptions pull in Typeable
  • Typeable pulls in GHC.Fingerprint
  • GHC.Fingerprint pulls in Foreign and IO


One package for all standard ADTs (Bool, [], Maybe...) and other pure definitions that are expected to work even with strange targets.

By the list from above, this also needs to have Char, Exceptions, Typeable and from there much other stuff...


Everything related to IO as we know it.


Lots of packages surely do not need anything from the FFI, so put that in a package of its own.