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    140140I also have 21 Enum types which often conflict. I end up having to include the name of the type in the constructor, or rewording it awkwardly. I guess I should put these all in separate modules and import qualified, too. Tedious, though. At least in this case languages like C# and Java also require that you type EnumName.EnumValue, so c‘est la vie.
     142=== counterpoint to the above ===
     144I (elaforge) have a project with 314 .hs files, containing 224 `^data .*=` lines, of which 104 define named record fields.  They do tend to collect in large central modules: the largest one has 800 lines and 13 records defined in it.  I have often wished for shorter record names, but I have never wished for two records in the same module with the same field name.  Probably this is a result of the specific application, the example above looks like a database-style app that has lots of IDs instead of directly containing e.g. a Submission or a Conference.  But still, a module per type is overstated, it is one module per type with fields of the same name, and the likelihood of that varies per application.
     146I also use qualified imports exclusively, and my conclusion is the opposite of yours: on a large scale they are more important than ever.  Importing is not tedious for me because I use a program to manage imports automatically, which was easy to write only because of qualified imports.
     148Anyway, I believe you that there are kinds of applications that naturally wind up with lots of records in the same module that want to share a name.  But I want to point out that this is not universal, and for it to be compelling evidence rather than anecdote, we'd need a notion of what percentage of programs tend to be this way.