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    99 * The [wiki:Commentary GHC Commentary] is a Wiki that describes GHC's implementation.  It is a Wiki.  That means that you can, and should, fix errors and write new chapters.
     11 * [ The Glasgow Haskell Compiler], in [ The Architecture of Open Source Applications], Volume II, ed Brown & Wilson. This paper gives an up to date (2012) technical overview of GHC.
    1113 * Simon PJ's [ home page] and [ publications page] have lots of relevant papers.  Some key ones appear below but not all.
    2022 * [ Modular type inference with local assumptions], Simon Peyton Jones, Dimitrios Vytiniotis, Tom Schrijvers, Martin Suzmann, Journal of Functional Programming, 2011.  This epic 83-page JFP paper brings together, in a single uniform framework, a series of our earlier papers on type inference for type systems involving local constraints, including GADTs and indexed type families. 
     24 * [ Papers about type equalities in GHC's intermediate language]
     25   * ''Equality proofs and deferred type errors'', Simon Peyton Jones, Dimitrios Vytiniotis and Pedro Magalhaes (ICFP 2012).  An exploration of what happens when you take equality proofs seriously in a compiler.
     26   * ''Giving Haskell a promotion'', Brent Yorgey, Stepanie Weirich, Julien Cretin, Simon Peyton Jones, and Dimitrios Vytiniotis (TLDI 2012).  How to (a) add kind polymorphism and (b) promote data types to become data kinds.
     27   * ''System F with Type Equality Coercions'', Martin Sulzmann, Manuel Chakravarty, and Simon Peyton Jones (TLDI 2007).  The first paper about System FC.
    2229 * [ Unboxed values as first class citizens], SL Peyton Jones and J Launchbury, Functional Programming Languages and Computer Architecture (FPCA'91), Boston, LNCS 523, Springer Verlag, Sept 1991, pp636-666. How unboxed data types work in GHC.