Quantified constraints

This wiki page summarises the state of play on the idea of allowing quantification in class constraints. For example

data Rose f a = Branch a (f (Rose f a))

instance (Eq a, forall b. (Eq b) => Eq (f b))
       => Eq (Rose f a)
  where ...

The new bit is the forall in the context of the instance declaration. This is allowed in GHC 8.6 and later using the QuantifiedConstraints extension.

Here are some resources

  • #2893, a ticket about the idea


Use Keyword = QuantifiedConstraints to ensure that a ticket ends up on these lists.

Open Tickets:

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Closed Tickets:

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Can't witness transitivity ((.)) of isomorphism of Constraints
QuantifiedConstraints don't kick in when used in TypeApplications
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UndecidableInstances validity checking is wrong in the presence of QuantifiedConstraints
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(forall x. c x, forall x. d x) is not equivalent to forall x. (c x, d x)
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