This is the main page for the Haskell/OpenSPARC project.

About the project

It is a joint project between Sun Microsystems and the community. Ben Lippmeier will spend three months hacking on GHC to make it perform well on the latest multi-core OpenSPARC chips. Sun has provided the funding for Ben to work on this full time and has donated a powerful SPARC server for him and the rest of us to use.

Ben is working with Roman Leshchinskiy as a mentor and Darryl Gove as an adviser. Roman works on Data Parallel Haskell at UNSW and Darryl is a senior staff engineer in the SPARC compiler team at Sun.

You can see the original announcement: website or email.

If you want to follow the progress we will be using the ghc development mailing list and this wiki.

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