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Haskell Objective-C FFI: Foreign Declarations

Objective-C is a proper superset of plain C. Consequently, we want all the Haskell FFI foreign declarations for C unchanged when dealing with Objective-C. They use the ccall calling convention as usual. In addition, we introduce the new objc calling conventions for new declarations specific to Objective-C.

Summary of foreign declarations

The following declarations specific to Objective-C:

  • Import an ObjC class (may be defined in Haskell):
    foreign class objc "<optional header> <optional implementation> <class name>" tycon
    The newly introduced type tycon can be marshalled to and from ObjC land; i.e., it is a foreign type in the sense of Section 3.2 of the Haskell FFI.
  • Import of an ObjC selector (maybe synthesized from a property):
    foreign import objc "<optional synthesize> <selector>" varid :: <type>
    there can be more than one foreign import declaration for one selector with different Haskell identifiers and types.
  • Export of a method implementation:
    foreign export objc "<optional header> +/-[<class> <selector>]" varid :: <type>