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Haskell Objective-C FFI: Foreign Declarations

Objective-C is a proper superset of plain C. Consequently, we want all the Haskell FFI foreign declarations for C unchanged when dealing with Objective-C. [FIXME We can achieve this in two ways: (1) Mix foreign declarations with the 'ccall' calling convention with those with the 'objc' calling convention or (2) promote all existing 'ccall' conventions to be usable with 'objc', too. Which should we choose?]

Incomplete list of new declarations:

  • foreign import for selector
    foreign import objc "@selector <selector name>" var :: <type>
    there can be more than one foreign import decl for one selector (and they can have different types)
  • foreign label (or equiv) for shared objects
  • foreign export for subclasses??