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GHC 8.8.x Migration Guide

This guide summarises the changes you may need to make to your code to migrate from GHC 8.6 to GHC 8.8. This guide complements the GHC 8.8.x release notes which should be consulted as well.

Compiler changes

Kind generalization changes for local definitions

Starting in GHC 8.8, we now generalize the kinds in the types of local definitions (e.g., let- or where-bound functions). As a result, there are a handful of programs which will no longer compile. Here is one such example:

type family LetGo :: k

foo :: Proxy (LetGo :: Type)
foo = undefined

sSconcat :: forall (x :: Type). x
sSconcat = undefined
   where sGo :: x -> Proxy LetGo
         sGo _ = foo

This kind-checks on previous versions of GHC, since the return kind of LetGo (in sGo) is not generalized, so we have sGo :: x -> Proxy (LetGo :: Type) (which is necessary for the body of sGo to typecheck). However, this will not kind-check on GHC 8.8, since the return kind of LetGo is generalized, giving us sGo :: x -> Proxy (LetGo :: k) (which is too polymorphic for foo). Therefore, this code fails on GHC 8.8 with a Couldn't match type ‘k’ with ‘*’ error.

To avoid this, one can use an explicit kind signature on LetGo, like so:

  sGo :: x -> Proxy (LetGo :: Type)
  sGo _ = foo

Library changes