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Project suggestions for the 2006 GHC hackathon

Add your suggestions for the hackathon below...

GHC Projects

  • Hack to allow RTS to integrate with an external event loop (eg to give us ideal threading when using Gtk+)
  • Add a ghc --clean that just executes find -name '*.o' -o -name '*.hi' -exec rm {} \;, perhaps in a more portable fashion
  • Further work on debugging in GHCi
  • Get the front panel working again (#599)
  • WARNING pragma (#657)
  • Warning suppression (#602)
  • Accept more encodings for source code (#690)
  • Use gcc's libffi to implement Adjustor.c & ByteCodeFFI
  • Add :edit support to GHCi (#95)
  • Option to allow compiling from within GHCi (#276)
  • GHC plugins
  • Get shared libraries or DLLs working
  • Build a Windows-native version of GHC (using MS tools instead of gcc).

Library Projects

  • Work on the Streams library
  • Replace GMP with OpenSSL mp library (#601)
  • A binding for your favourite C/C++ library... (eg. GStreamer?)

Cabal Projects

  • Cabalisation of the GHC library (#654)
  • Put two solid days of work into getting cabal-get finished and stable. Additionally, put as many packages into the DB as possible.

More Project Suggestions

  • Generate Windows installers automatically from Cabal packages (or other OS-specific package format, eg. RPM)