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    33GHC is used by lots of people, but its implementation is rather over-centralised, even though GHC is a BSD-licensed, open-source project.  The biggest obstacle to more people getting involved is that GHC is a big, and hence intimidating, system.  The purpose of the GHC hackathon is to give a tutorial in GHC’s innards, plus time to work on some projects in a context where there are plenty of people around to help.  The objective is to substantially broaden (more numbers) and deepen (more confidence) the community of people who feel they know enough to fix and enhance GHC. 
     5These days, GHC is more than just a batch compiler:
     6 * It's an interactive interpreter
     7 * It's a (Haskell) library
     8The latter, in particular, opens up new possiblities, such as using GHC to parse and type-check Haskell, before analysing or transforming it with your own program.  However, GHC-as-a-library has a pretty big interface that uses a lot of data types, which will be among the things we'll describe at the hackathon.
    510We'll suggest some projects, but you're welcome to come along with your own wacky ideas or itches that you want to scratch, and work on them in an environment with a high-bandwidth connection to developers who really know the innards of GHC.   You could work on something individual, or in small groups.  We anticipate all being in one room, or in a tight group of rooms, so there’d be lots of informal interaction.