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Added agenda note about ghc-HEAD, grouped system development items

Parallel Haskell HackSprint


Dates : 12-14 December 2010

Location : Heriot-Watt


So far: Hans-Wolfgang Loidl (Host), Mischa Dieterle, Thomas Horstmeyer, Jost Berthold, Henrique Ferreiro, David Castro Pérez

To be confirmed: Vladimir Janjic, Kevin Hammond, Chris Brown, Mustafa Aswad, Malak Aljabri, Philip W Trinder, Patrick Maier, Robert Stewart


  • Reports on recent software releases
  • Updates on work at each of the sites
  • Tests & benchmarks
    • Repo
    • System-tests
    • Benchmarks
    • Larger applications
  • Interfaces to on-going projects (SCIEnce, HPC-GAP)
    • CASH
    • SC skeletons
    • fault-tolerance
  • Packaging
  • Roadmap for future development
    • Following ghc HEAD: status report, coordination and planning
    • Status of/ Plans for existing branches
      • migration,
      • tracing,
      • data locality
      • ...
    • Planned extensions and applications
      • Integration with GHC/SMP
      • Integrating migration
      • Globus interface
      • pre-SCSCP GAP interface
      • Micro-kernel/substrate approach to the RTS