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Parallel Haskell Hackaton


Dates : 10-12 December

Location : St Andrews


Topics to cover in the Hackaton:

  • Short overview sessions on implementation internals
  • Usage of new tracing infrastructure
  • GUM-6 port
  • Merging GUM and Eden implementations
    • Packing code
    • Scheduler
    • GC interface
    • Tagging
  • Maintenance and packaging
    • Unified revision control
    • Packaging
    • Setup for automatic tests
  • Parallel nofib-suite
  • Planned extensions and applications
    • Integration with GHC/SMP
    • Integrating migration
    • Globus interface
    • pre-SCSCP GAP interface
  • Micro-kernel/substrate approach to the RTS
  • Nominating people in charge of sub-projects
  • Prize for the most awkward bug fixed in the Hackaton. Jost: I am non-competitive in this contest, since my task is to introduce them ;)