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Parallel Haskell Hackathon


Dates : 10-12 December

Location : St Andrews


Vladimir Janjic (Host), Hans-Wolfgang Loidl, Kevin Hammond, Mustafa Aswad, Henrique Ferreiro Garcia, Philip W Trinder, Patrick Maier, Abyd Al Zain, Mischa Dieterle, Thomas Horstmeyer, Jost Berthold, Simon Marlow (virtual),

Source code

Important: if you can, please prepare a setup of the latest sources in advance. A darcs repository has been set up on the server in Marburg, please read here how to get a working setup: Repository Briefing.

You should contact Mischa (dieterle@mathematik...) in order to get access, or check out read-only via http (which is of course not what we want later). If you have questions or problems, edit the page or mail Jost (berthold@mathematik...)


Topics to cover in the Hackathon:

  • Short overview sessions on implementation internals (KH: these should not all be on the first afternoon!):
    • GUM (Mustafa)
    • Eden (Jost)
    • Globus (Abyd)
    • Migration/Load Balancing (Vladimir)
    • ghc HEAD developments (Simon)
    • GUM/Eden Compilation and Debugging (Vladimir?)
  • GUM-6 port
  • Merging GUM and Eden implementations
    • Packing code
    • Scheduler
    • GC interface
    • Tagging
  • Usage of new tracing infrastructure
  • Development infrastructure
    • Unified revision control (darcs)
    • Debugging infrastructure
    • Packaging
    • Setup for automatic tests
  • Parallel nofib-suite
  • Planned extensions and applications
    • Integration with GHC/SMP
    • Integrating migration
    • Globus interface
    • pre-SCSCP GAP interface
    • Micro-kernel/substrate approach to the RTS
  • Nominating people in charge of sub-projects
    • parallel nofib suite
    • Eden/GUM code maintenance
    • testing framework
  • Prize for the most awkward bug fixed in the Hackaton. Jost: I am non-competitive in this contest, since my task is to introduce them ;) HWL: Clearly you are at an disadvantage: you first have to introduce the bug; we don't have that problem;-)

Expected Outcomes

  • Unified repository, containing Eden and GUM code
  • Common test platform
  • List of people in charge of sub-projects

Agenda proposals

JB: I suggest a more informal format than real talks.

  • Practical Code Knowledge: One person gives informative overview and points to relevant source code, followed/interrupted by time slots to look up and read the code.
  • Brainstorm: One person presents ideas (slides, black/white board, ???) about future features and development, and is chairing a discussion round afterwards. After discussion, results have to be fixed in keywords, within 5 minutes.
Time Topic Chair/Presenter
Thu, ??? Build setup, Compilation, Debugging GHC ?Vladimir?
Thu, noon Lunch break
Thu, 2pm Overview of the Implementation Structure, Eden parts Jost
Thu, 2:30 Heap Closures, Pointer tagging for Dummies ?Simon?
Fri, 9am Breakfast
Fri, 1pm Lunch break
Sat, 9am Breakfast
Sat, 1pm Lunch break

Please maintain this table and the list above together, striking out in the list what is already here.