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Parallel Haskell HackDay


Dates : 19.3.2013, starting 10:30

Location : Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Earl Mountbatten Buildings, EM 1.70

It's building 2 on this map, with entrance from Boundary Road North.


So far: Hans-Wolfgang Loidl (Host), Jost Berthold, Vladimir Janjic, Vladimir Komendantsky, Malak Aljabri, Robert Stewart, Evgenij Belikov, Prabhat Totoo


10:30 Welcome and Setup
10:45 Exchange of ideas and brainstorm
11:00 Pair programming on selected topics
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Short round of summaries and discussion
14:15 TBC (pair programming, short talks...)
X:00 Summary Reports and Future Work

Potential Topics

  • GHC parallel RTS: general house-keeping and fixes
    • Cleaning up non-main PEs in parcp way
    • Behaviour of primops in non-parallel ways
    • Start script optimisations
    • eliminating start script in parcp way (i.e. in-RTS log archiving)
    • change PrimOps.cmm to work with LLVM-way
  • Eden/GpH programming (nbody, paraffins etc)
    • nbody using Eden and GpH skeletons
    • move forward wrt. test suite
  • Serialisation:
    • Factor out from PARALLEL_RTS
    • make good use of it
  • Eventlog and visualisation