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more notes about git submodules

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some misc. notes about submodules

See also some older notes: DarcsConversion#Theperspectiveonsubmodules

  • based on the current access patterns, a few repositories are modified often (specifically, ghc.git and testsuite.git are often updated in a inter-dependent way); most repositories aren't updated for several weeks; therefore some of the issues outlined with the usability of submodules might have less weight here.

Simple migration plan

The plan:

  • Fold testsuite.git into ghc.git, as they are strongly inter-dependent. nofib.git and base.git are two other candidates for being folded into ghc.git.
  • All other add-on repositories should be converted into Git submodules.

The consequences:

  • ghc.git's commit id by itself effectively provides a sufficient source-tree fingerprint; therefore, this renders the superfluous
  • git bisect works (almost) out of the box now
  • buildbots don't need to fetch all repos *every time* to check for new commits; it's enough to check ghc.git, and only if a new commit in ghc.git exists, run git submodule update