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Git for Darcs Users

darcs record

Git supports interactive recording very similar to darcs.

git add -p


git add -i

The main difference is that Git does not automatically commit the changes. You have to do that manually using

git commit [-m "commit message"]

If you do not supply a commit message, it will open your default editor. If you want to abort the commit, use an empty commit message.

Tip: If you want to see the diff when you edit the commit message, use

git commit -v

darcs record -a

git commit -a

This will add and commit all (not ignored) files.

darcs changes

git log

darcs changes --last <N>

git log -n <N>

darcs changes --summary

git log --stat

See git log --help for a lot of extra options, to refine the output.

darcs whatsnew

git status

darcs diff

git diff

TODO describe diff commands for index

darcs revert

git reset --hard

Note: git reset only resets the staged files, i.e., the things added with git add.

darcs unrecord


darcs annotate

git blame

General Notes

The Index

Suggested Workflow