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    88Ian's projects 
    10  * '''BuildBot''': nearly ready.  Need to install on 
     10 * '''BuildBot''': Make stable backport and give to Paul to install when he is ready 
    12  * '''Building libraries using Cabal''' 
     12 * '''Building libraries using Cabal''': Tidy up patches, do haddocking, test, then push. 
     13   Don't worry about unreg way: we'll probably drop it anyway, and for nightly testing we 
     14   can just do a full unreg build. Can't build the GHC package with --make due to 
     15   a bug where GHC gets confused when as it learns more about a type as it compiles 
     16   recursive modules. 
    1418 * '''Dynamic linking and shared libraries''' 
    15    * Seems to be working unregisterised 
     19   * GHCi seems to be working unregisterised 
     20   * nofib -fPIC vs normal code on the common arches 
    1621   * Try it with native code gen  
    1722   * Try it with registerised 
    1823   * DLL/SO for RTS+Base libs.  Then lots of DLLs/SOs can share one RTS. 
     24   * nofib DLL vs static on the common arches 
    1925   * Instructions for how to build DLL and SOs 
    2026   * Freeing resources on unload.  Why is it hard to guarantee that Haskell finalisers run? 
    2632     * Do we need indirections between modules in one package, or only for cross-package links?  And is this decided when compiling the module, or when linking the module? 
     34 * '''trac''' Add a "not_ghc" milestone or somesuch, for extralibs, proposals, etc. 
     36 * '''List filtering''' 
     37   Put procmail in front of mailman so we can allow big darcs patches through. 
     38   In the longer term we can look at running some sort of spam discarder or marker with procmail too. 
     40 * '''Broken tests''' 
     41   Change `fail` to `broken(123)` and try to get the HEAD to a state where all 
     42   test failures are broken and have a bug annotated. Update building guide 
     43   to know about this change. 
    2845Simon PJ's projects 
     46 * '''Lambda match''' Look at Claus' patch 
     47 * '''Patch submission''' Write some blurb on patch submission guidelines 
    2948 * '''Implication constraints''' 
    3049 * '''Demand analysis''' with Kirsten Chevalier 
    3453Simon M's projects 
     54 * '''darcs''' Get darcs.h.o:~ian/darcs/ installed 
    3555 * '''Parallel garbage collection'''