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Here we've collected together lots of documentation and papers that generally describe stuff we've implemented in GHC.

All docs are gzipped A4 Postscript unless otherwise specified.

  • Haskell Execution Platform design document. This document describes the design for an integrated compiler/interpreter API for executing Haskell programs, which forms the heart of the combined Hugs/GHC system.
  • Run-time System document. This document (is supposed to) describe the new run-time system in GHC 4.xx. Be warned that the implementation and this document are evolving in parallel, so they might not be quite in sync.
  • The UsageSP analysis (ghc/compiler/usageSP/) is described in Keith Wansbrough and Simon Peyton Jones, Once Upon a Polymorphic Type, Technical Report TR-1998-19, Department of Computing Science, University of Glasgow, 1998. Conference version Once Upon a Polymorphic Type, in The Twenty-sixth ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages, January 20-22, 1999, San Antonio, Texas.
  • GHC's typechecker implementation is described in the paper Type classes in Haskell, CV Hall, K Hammond, SL Peyton Jones, and PL Wadler, European Symposium On Programming, LNCS 788, Springer Verlag, pp. 241-256, April 1994.
  • Non-stop Haskell the workings of an incremental garbage collector (not included in GHC, so far).