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    3535 * [ GHC as a Library], the Haskell Wiki page
    3636 * [ GHC Commentary on the GHC API] (may be outdated)
     37 * [ hint, an attempt to provide a simplified and stable subset of the GHC API]
    3839== Various Ideas, Comments, Questions ==
    4243   don't want to live with lots of #ifdefs and breakage, you keep
    4344   delaying your fantastic GHC API-base projects "until the dust
    44    settles") (Claus Reinke)
    45  * Is it possible to use standalone deriving to get a generic
    46    programming framework over the ASTs without blowing
     45   settles") (Claus Reinke)
     46   Would it be possible to separate the monolithic GHC API into two parts, one providing a simplified and stable subset/wrapper of commonly used functionality (as in Hint, hs-plugins, GHCi), the other providing all the rest, with no stability guarantees?
     47 * Is it possible to use standalone deriving to get a '''generic
     48   programming framework over the ASTs''' without blowing
    4749   up GHC's code for its own use (deriving Data, etc.)? (Claus Reinke)
     50 * David Waern mentions [ deriving `Data.Traversable`] for GHC's AST
     51 * the need to hardcode the '''GHC library directory in GHC API clients''' is very fragile and troublesome (cf. the [ Haddock version during build] thread on `cvs-ghc` for just one example). would it be possible to integrate the path for the compiling GHC as a default, so that one only needs to specify an explicit path if the default doesn't work (compiling GHC moved/unavailable)? (Claus Reinke)
    4852 * From {{{compiler/main/GHC.hs}}}:
    6064--     - dictionary bindings
     66 * is there a way to make all the useful functionality of GHCi more easily available from the GHC API? ie, refactoring GHCi so that both it and other GHC API clients can use the same collection of useful functionality? (Claus Reinke)
    6267 * dynamic loading of Haskell code, ala hs-plugins, but without
    6368   the version/platform issues (GHCi has to be able to do this