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Getting Started

This page tells you how to get started with hacking on GHC.

Contributing to the Wiki

  • Register an account, so that you can edit pages
  • Look at the "Wiki" links in the green sidebar on the left of every page

Getting GHC to build on your machine

  • The Building Guide has all the information you need to set up your system for building GHC, and get a working development build.

Deciding what to work on

  • You may have a pet project of your own. If you are wondering which bits of the compiler would be important for you, start by consulting the Commentary.
  • Pick an easy bug report or task to work on
  • Help us with our BugSweep

Contributing back to GHC

The following pages describe the process of making a change to GHC and contributing it back. For small changes you can just darcs send, but for larger changes it helps a great deal if the patch is in a form that we can review quickly and use without too much extra work.

Note that, largely due to performance issues in darcs, we currently avoid applying patches with conflicts to the GHC repositories. If you find that you have a conflict in a patch that you want to send or apply, please first unrecord and re-record (or amend-record) it so that the conflict is removed.