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for each platform, show all bugs against the OS, not just those for this arch

This table summarises which platforms we believe the 6.10.1 release properly builds on.

Please do update this table if you have more up-to-date info, or add new platforms if you have info for them.

PlatformWorks?Last CheckedTickets
Windows/x86YES6.10.0.20081007No results
OS X/x86YES6.10.0.20081007No results
OS X/powerpcYES6.10.0.20081007No results
Linux/x86YES6.10.0.20081007No results
Linux/amd64YES6.10.0.20081007No results
Linux/powerpcYES6.10.0.20081007No results
Solaris/x86YES6.10.0.20081007No results
Solaris/amd64 No results
Solaris/sparc NO No results
FreeBSD/x86YES6.10.0.20081007No results
FreeBSD/amd64 No results
OpenBSD/x86 No results
OpenBSD/amd64 No results
NetBSD/x86 No results
NetBSD/amd64 No results