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How Should We Spend Friday?


See also HackathonProjects - Move these projects there?

Add projects ideas you have, and add your name if you're interested in working on them.

  • Hacking the build system (for example)
  • Setting up GHC to build the base library using Cabal (since you have the GHC team, the Cabal team and the hmake team in one place!)
    • Isaac Jones - I can be available for general Cabal questions as well.
  • Hacking on Cabal-Get (not really a GHC thing!)
    • Isaac Jones
  • Fix C-- (cmm) output?
  • Discussing proposed changes to backend and code generation
  • Discussing dynamic linking
  • Strategies in debugging GHC and RTS.
  • Improve instance deriving: allow deriving Enum for more types, allow deriving Eq, Ord, Show for GADTs. -- Bjorn Bringert
  • A walkthrough of GHC's intermediate outputs and how they are related to the various stages charted in

General Organization

The above are specific projects or subgroups that might form. What about more generally? How should we organise the day?

  • just let everyone hack on individual projects, with floating Simons to help. --- I'd like that.
  • form subgroups to work together on shared projects
    • Project ideas here?
    • Resuscitate ExternalCore
    • Low hanging optimizations?
    • STGLint
    • Rewrite the Evil Mangler in Haskell?
    • GHC RTS in Cyclone?
    • Work on GHC API, I would like to use it to provide feedback and interactivity to programmers
    • Hook a multithreaded memory manager into the RTS
  • have more explanatory talk sessions led from the front
  • form subgroups for explanatory sessions on different topics (but not to work on a shared project)
  • work on fleshing out the wiki/commentary?
  • ???

Seeking Enlightenment