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How Should We Spend Friday?


Add projects ideas you have, and add your name if you're interested in working on them.

  • Hacking the build system (for example)
  • Setting up GHC to build the base library using Cabal (since you have the GHC team, the Cabal team and the hmake team in one place!)
    • Isaac Jones - I can be available for general Cabal questions as well.
  • Hacking on Cabal-Get (not really a GHC thing!)
    • Isaac Jones
  • Fix C-- (cmm) output?
  • Discussing proposed changes to backend and code generation
  • Discussing dynamic linking
  • Strategies in debugging GHC and RTS.
  • Improve instance deriving: allow deriving Enum for more types, allow deriving Eq, Ord, Show for GADTs. -- Bjorn Bringert

General Organization

The above are specific projects or subgroups that might form. What about more generally? How should we organise the day?

  • just let everyone hack on individual projects, with floating Simons to help. --- I'd like that.
  • form subgroups to work together on shared projects
    • Project ideas here?
    • Resuscitate ExternalCore
    • Low hanging optimizations?
    • STGLint
    • Rewrite the Evil Mangler in Haskell?
    • GHC RTS in Cyclone?
    • Work on GHC API, I would like to use it to provide feedback and interactivity to programmers
    • Hook a multithreaded memory manager into the RTS
  • have more explanatory talk sessions led from the front
  • form subgroups for explanatory sessions on different topics (but not to work on a shared project)
  • work on fleshing out the wiki/commentary?
  • ???