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The ExternalCore type

The ExternalCore data type is used by GHC to communicate code represented in the Core data type with the outside world. It comes with an external syntax, a parser, a pretty printer, and code to convert between Core and External Core. Unfortunately, External Core has not been widely used, and the code has bit-rotted. The recent changes in Core to use System FC have exacerbated the problem. This page documents the process of getting External Core and Core back in sync.

Once the process is finished, this page will just describe the design.

Relevant files

The main source files related to External Core:

Other files that contain some reference to External Core or are otherwise relevant:


Design changes

  • External Core originally parsed into a list of TyClDecl and a list of IfaceBinding. It now seems as though it might be better to replace the IfaceBinding with LHsDecl. This would require us to:
    • Add a new data constructor for HsBind: data HsBind id = ... | CoreBind id (ExtCore id)
    • Extend the renamer to rename ExtCore RdrName to ExtCore Name
    • Extend the type checker to typecheck ExtCore Name to generate ExtCore Id
    • Extend the desugarer to desugar ExtCore Id to Core
  • We probably want to represent all data types as GADTs, even if they can be represented in Haskell 98 form, so that we only have one representation.


  • Define an external text representation for External Core (which will probably be simply a minor modification of the old format) (mostly done?)
  • Update the External Core data type to be compatible with the current Core data type. (mostly done)
  • Update PprExternalCore.lhs to print stuff that LexCore and ParserCore can understand. (mostly done)
  • Update MkExternalCore.lhs to support both the current Core and the new External Core. (mostly done)
  • Update the parser to recognize the new external syntax, generating an empty module at first. (partly done)
  • Update the parser to generate LHsBind rather than IfaceBinding
  • Convert the current External Core documentation (in LaTeX) into a chapter (in XML) in the User's Guide.

Miscellaneous notes

  • The LaTeX documentation describes PrimOps in some detail. This information is now in the library documentation, so it is probably not needed in the External Core chapter.