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Eventlog framework exists in the GHC RTS to support profiling of GHC run-time events, such as capability states. A visualizer is currently under development for viewing the profiling information.


  • Eventlog framework in ghc/rts/eventlog/
  • Library to parse eventlog files for any visualizer, which relies upon the Data.Binary library: GHC/RTS/Events
  • Visualizer: under development

Feature List

  • Eventlog framework
    • Support for more events, such as cpu and memory usage TODO
  • Eventlog parser library
    • Parsing all events supported by eventlog framework TODO
  • Visualizer
    • Capability to Thread view TODO
    • Filtering of capabilities and/or threads TODO
    • Querying: find sequences of events, use regular expressions to find events TODO
    • Overlay multiple graphs to display multiple event types (e.g., a graph with thread states, cpu usage, and memory usage)
    • Gracefully handle when a non-eventlog file is loaded by the visualizer (TODO robustness needed)
    • Export graphs in multiple formats: pdf, jpg, grayscale, etc. TODO
    • Link code to events (TODO very difficult, may not happen)

Code repository



  • Satnam Singh
  • Simon Marlow
  • Donnie Jones <donnie@…>