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Regaining the build system

The basic plan is

  • Use our own build system for the work of actually building packages from source to .a/.so, including preprocessing (hsc2hs et. al.).
  • Use Cabal to preprocess the .cabal file and generate metadata in the form of Makefile bindings for our build system to use.
  • Use Cabal to generate the InstalledPackageInfo and do registration.
  • Use Cabal for Haddocking, installing, and anything else we need to do.

The advantages of this are:

  • The critical parts of the build system are under our control, and are easily modifiable.
  • development is easier, because 'make' will preprocess files too. Right now if you modify a .y or .hsc file, you need to tell Cabal to preprocess again before saying 'make' (this is a regression from pre-Cabal).
  • We can make improvements that would be hard in Cabal, such as making libraries depend on each other.
  • It ought to be easier to reinstate HC bootstrapping, since we rely less on Cabal to get us to a .a file.
  • Compared to the pre-Cabal build system, we're not duplicating the package metadata or the code that processes it, only the build rules.

Here's a more detailed plan:

  • Modify cabal-bin.hs with a new command to generate the Makefile bindings for a package, into a file e.g.
  • libraries/Makefile puts a GNUmakefile into each library subdir, with identical contents, something like
    include $(TOP)/
  • In each subdir we support various make targets, e.g.
    • make configure, configures the package and generates
    • make all, builds the .a, and registers. Builds dependencies autoamtically (or perhaps not: calculating dependencies in GHC takes a while, and traditionally we've done this on demand only).
    • make install
  • libraries/Makefile just invokes make in the subdirs in the appropriate order.

Improvements for later

  • we want dependencies from every object file on the .a files of the packages that it depends on. This way we can make it possible to modify a library module and say 'make' and have everything rebuilt that needs to be rebuilt (including the stage2 compiler). Note that we need to know about indirect as well as direct package dependencies.
  • build multiple libraries in parallel
  • remove the makefile code from Cabal