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Many packages these days are using Template Haskell to grab information from the filesystem at compile time. I'll use Hamlet as a motivating example, though this applies to others as well.

In Hamlet, you can specify an external file as the source for your HTML template code, with something like:

renderHamlet $(hamletFile "myfile.hamlet")

Unfortunately, if "myfile.hamlet" is updated, without making any changes to the Haskell code, then GHC will not know to recompile the source, and the updated HTML code will not filter through.

To solve this, a possible solution is to add a new function to the template-haskell package:

addDependentFile :: FilePath -> Q ()

When GHC encounters this, it will add the specified file as a dependency for the given Haskell file. If the file is updated or is not present, then a recompile will be required.