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Closure conversion as part of vectorisation

TODO describe the treatment of higher-order functions and closure conversion here. The relevant paper is The approach is described in more detail in

Closure-converted types as indexed-types

After some brainstorming, Roman and I (= Manuel) came to the conclusion that we can save ourselves a lot of bookkeeping if we can represent closure-converted types by indexed types (i.e., keeping track of which original types correspond to which converted types). The details are under indexed closure conversion.

From the Skype discussion, 16 Mar 07

For each function f::ty, create a closure-converted function fc::ty', where ty' is the closure-converted verion of ty. Optimisation: make fc=f, if the code for fc will be identical to that of f.

For each data type T, create a closure-converted data type Tc, whose constructors use Clo instead of ->. Optimisation: if Tc is identical to T, don't create a new data type.

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