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    244244I can't find a way to do this directly with Mercurial. You can of course do {{{hg rollback}}} and then add a new commit, however. 
     246=== Darcs vs Mercurial Overview === 
     248Commands somehow different in behaviour between Hg and Darcs: 
     250darcs whatsnew -> hg diff / hg status 
     251darcs record -> hg commit / hg record (record extension needed to allow cherrypicking) 
     252darcs pull -> hg pull -u / hg pull && hg update (hg pull does not modify the working copy by default) 
     253(automatic merging) -> hg merge && hg commit / hg fetch (fetch extension does pull/update/merge in one step, like Darcs) 
     254darcs unrecord -> hg rollback (works for just the most recent record/push, confusingly different from Darcs equivalent command) 
     257Commands that differ essentialy only in name: 
     259darcs rollback -> hg backout --merge (records an inverse changeset, go back as far as you like) 
     260darcs changes -> hg log 
     261darcs move <FILE> -> hg rename <FILE> 
     262darcs send -o <FILE> -> hg bundle <FILE> 
     263darcs apply <FILE> -> hg unbundle <FILE> 
     266Commands the same between Hg and Darcs: 
     268darcs push -> hg push 
     269darcs add/remove <FILE> -> hg add/remove <FILE> 
     270darcs revert -> hg revert 
     271darcs tag -> hg tag 
     272darcs annotate -> hg annotate 
     275{{{hg addremove}}} adds untracked files and marks missing files as removed. hg commit -A does a similar thing at commit time 
     277Misc. differences from Darcs: 
     279* Don't have summary/message split: the first line of the message is the summary 
     280* Files are not automatically considered removed if you delete them. You need to run hg remove --after <FILE> to remove them from the repo as well 
     282To be able to use all the commands in the example above, you should create a .hgrc file in your home directory, looking something like this: 
     289username = My Name <[email protected]> 
     292Other issues: 
     294 * There appears to be poor support for Windows with the transplant command [] 
     296 * The transplant command wiki page [] contains the text "Three-way merge doesn't cope particularly well with transplanted patches - it will tend to generate false conflicts", 
     297   which doesn't fill me with confidence 
     299Setting up a Mercurial HTTP interface: [] 
    246301== Darcs alternatives still in the running ==