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    7979== The perspective on submodules ==
     81== Submodules ==
     83Things that work:
     85 * when cloning a new repo, the submodules do point to the right place (the submodules of the parent)
     86 * `git status` shows when a submodule is "dirty" (has local changes or new commits)
     87 * `git diff` shows diffs in submodules too
     88 * `git submodule status` tells you which local submodules have changes (+ at the beginning of the line)
     92 * after `git pull`, you need to do `git submodule update`
     93 * submodules are detached by default, so you must `git checkout master` before you can commit (you don't find out until you push)
     94 * `git submodule update` detaches the local submodules from whatever branch they were on.  So if you had done `git checkout master` and committed local changes, the local changes are now invisible (but still stored in the repo).  Alternatively, you can use `git submodule update --merge` or `git submodule update --rebase`.  Neither seem like a good default.
     95 * if you had local uncommitted changes in a submodule, then `git submodule update` refuses to update the submodule.  Then your repo is in a state where it appears you have a local change to the submodule, this could be confusing.
     96 * need to `git submodule init` before you can `git submodule update` in a new tree (or use `git submodule update --init`)
     97 * have to push to submodules before pushing GHC, otherwise other users will not be able to do `git submodule update`.
     98 * every submodule commit needs to be accompanied by a GHC commit (not clear if this is really a disadvantage, but it's more work and there will be many more commits).
     100'''Older comments''':
    81102Submodules do not really seem to be designed for what we want to do (work on a cohesive set of components that are developed together): they seem more suited to tracking upstream branches that you do not modify locally.