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Garbage Collection Roots

The "roots" are the set of pointers that the GC starts traversing from, i.e. the roots of the live object graph.

In GHC, there are no global roots, all roots belong to a particular Capability. Traversing the roots of a capbility is done by markSomeCapabilities() in rts/Capability.c. The roots of a Capability are:

  • The run queue (head and tail)
  • The wakeup queue (head and tail)
  • For each Task on the suspended_ccalling_tasks list, the TSO for that Task
  • The Spark Pool
  • Only for the non-threaded RTS: The blocked queue (head and tail), and the sleeping queue

In addition, each Capability has a remembered set for each generation. A remembered set is a source of roots if that generation is not being collected during this cycle; otherwise the remembered set is discarded. During GC, all remembered sets are discarded and new ones will be constructed for each generation and Capability; see scavenge_capability_mut_lists() in rts/sm/Scav.c.