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GHC Commentary: The Layout of Heap Objects


  • A lifted type is one that contains bottom (_|_), conversely an unlifted type does not contain _|_. For example, Array is lifted, but ByteArray# is unlifted.
  • A boxed type is represented by a pointer to an object in the heap, an unboxed object is represented by a value. For example, Int is boxed, but Int# is unboxed.

The representation of _|_ must be a pointer: it is an object that when evaluated throws an exception or enters an infinite loop. Therefore, only boxed types may be lifted.

There are boxed unlifted types: eg. ByteArray#. If you have a value of type ByteArray#, it definitely points to a heap object with type ARR_WORDS (see below), rather than an unevaluated thunk.

Unboxed tuples (#...#) are both unlifted and unboxed. They are represented by multiple values passed in registers or on the stack, according to the return convention.

Heap Objects

All heap objects have the same basic layout, embodied by the type StgClosure in Closures.h. The diagram below shows the layout of a heap object:

No image "heap-object.png" attached to Commentary/Rts/HeapObjects

A heap object always begins with a header, defined by StgHeader in Closures.h:

typedef struct {
    const struct _StgInfoTable* info;
    StgProfHeader         prof;
#ifdef GRAN
    StgGranHeader         gran;
} StgHeader;

The most important part of the header is the info pointer, which points to the info table for the closure. In the default build, this is all the header contains, so a header is normally just one word. In other builds, the header may contain extra information: eg. in a profilnig build it also contains information about who built the closure.

Most of the runtime is insensitive to the size of StgHeader; that is, we are careful not to hardcode the offset to the payload anywhere, instead we use C struct indexing or sizeof(StgHeader). This makes it easy to extend StgHeader with new fields if we need to.

Info Tables

The info table contains all the information that the runtime needs to know about the closure. The layout of info tables is defined in includes/InfoTables.h. The basic info table layout looks like this:

No image "basic-itbl.png" attached to Commentary/Rts/HeapObjects

Types of Heap Object

The stack, and stack objects