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GHC Commentary: What the hell is a .cmm file?

A .cmm file is rather like C--. The syntax is almost C-- (a few constructs are missing), and it is augmented with some macros that are expanded by GHC's code generator (eg. INFO_TABLE()). A .cmm file is compiled by GHC itself: the syntax is parsed by compiler/cmm/CmmParse.y and compiler/cmm/CmmLex.x into the Cmm data type, where it is then passed through one of the back-ends.

We use the C preprocessor on .cmm files, making extensive use of macros to make writing this low-level code a bit less tedious and error-prone. Most of our C-- macros are in includes/Cmm.h. One useful fact about the macros is P_ is an alias for gcptr, and you should not use it for non-garbage-collected pointers.

For more information on Cmm (GHC's implementation of C--), see the Cmm language page.