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    6262   C-- code for these !PrimOps: we don't have to write code for multiple calling conventions.
     64=== Foreign out-of-line !PrimOps ===
     66A new and somewhat more flexible form of out-of-line !PrimOp is the foreign out-of-line !PrimOp. These are essentially the same but instead of their Cmm code being included in the RTS, they can be defined in Cmm code in any package and instead of knowledge of the !PrimOp being baked into the compiler, they can be imported using special FFI syntax:
     69foreign import prim "int2Integerzh"
     70  int2Integer# :: Int# -> (# Int#, ByteArray# #)
     73Using this syntax requires the extensions `ForeignFunctionInterface`, `GHCForeignImportPrim`, `MagicHash`, `UnboxedTuples` and `UnliftedFFITypes`. The current type restriction is that all arguments and results must be unlifted types. Additionally the result type is allowed to be an unboxed tuple. The calling convention is exactly the same as for ordinary out-of-line primops. Currently it is not possible to specify any of the !PrimOp attributes.
     75The `integer-gmp` package now uses this method for all the primops that deal with GMP big integer values. The advantage of using this technique is that it is a bit more modular. The RTS does not need to include all the primops. For example in the integer case the RTS no longer needs to link against the GMP C library.
     77The future direction is to extend this syntax to allow !PrimOp attributes to be specified. The calling convention for primops and ordinary compiled Haskell functions may be unified in future and at that time it the restriction on using only unlifted types may be lifted.
     79It has been suggested that we extend this !PrimOp definition and import method to cover all !PrimOps, even inline ones. This would replace the current `primops.txt.pp` system of builtin !PrimOps. The inline !PrimOps would still be defined in the compiler but they would be imported in any module via `foreign import prim` rather than appearing magically to be exported from the `GHC.Prim` module. Hugs has used a similar system for years (with the syntax `primitive seq :: a -> b -> b`).
    6481== Adding a new !PrimOp ==