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    2626 * There was a Google Plus thread in which CPS was criticized (by Jan Maessen, I think).  The original authors had many big fights, and one of them was about CPS.  At some point Norman drafted a dataflow analyser that was very aggressively CPS.  Simon PJ found the extensive CPS difficult to read.  Norman doesn't remember the eventual outcome.   Is it possible that the CPS is causing the allocation of too many function closures?   Could the CPS be rewritten, perhaps by a different way of nesting functions, to eliminate the need to allocate closures in the inner loop?  Johan Tibell tried optimizing postorder_dfs, but was put off by the CPS style of code. (We speculate that caching the result of toposort may help.)
     28* Another important thing to keep in mind is that some of the existing passes used by GHC may be implemented inefficiently (of no fault of Hoopl itself.) For example, the rewrite assignments pass takes around 15% of the entire compilation time; we believe this is because it has to rewrite the entire graph into a new representation before doing any transformations, and then rewrite it back to the original. Optimizations here (for example, storing the information in an external map as opposed to the AST itself) would probably would help a lot.
    2830== Record of performance improvements made to the Hoopl library starting January 2012 ==