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Jun 5, 2007 11:15:43 AM (10 years ago)
Michael D. Adams

Added note about SRT handling for future work


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     222== Not in Scope of Current Work ==
     223Improvements that could be made but that will not be implemented durring the curent effort.
     225=== Static Reference Table Handling (SRT) ===
     226As it stands, each function and thus each call site must be annotated with a bitmap and
     227a pointer or offset to the SRT shared by the function.
     228This does not interact with the stack in any way so it ought to be outside the scope of the CPS
     230However there is some level of interaction because
     231 1. the SRT information on each call site needs to be attached to the resulting continuation and
     232 2. functions read from a Cmm file might need to be annotated with that SRT info.
     233The first is a concern for correctness but may be handled by treating the SRT info as opaque data.
     234The second is a concern for ease of use and thus the likelyhood of mistakes in hand written C-- code.
     235At the moment it appears that all of the C-- functions in
     236the runtime system (RTS) use a null SRT so for now we'll just have the CPS algorithm treat the SRT info as opaque.
     238In the future it would be nice to have a more satisfactory way to handle both these issues.