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    4242know whether to declare the label first, and if so, at what type.
     44C only lets us declare an external label at one
     45type in any given source file, even if the scopes of the
     46declarations don't overlap.  So we either have to scan the whole code to figure out what the type of each label should be, or we opt for declaring all labels at the same type and then casting later.  Currently we do the latter.
    4448 * all labels referenced as a result of an FFI declaration
    4549   are declared as `extern StgWord[]`, including funciton labels.
    4852   referred to both as a function and an untyped data label in
    4953   the same module (e.g. Foreign.Marsal.Alloc refers to "free"
    50    this way).
     54   this way). 
     56 * An exception is made to the above for functions declared with
     57   the `stdcall` calling convention on Windows.  These functions must
     58   be declared with the `stdcall` attribute and a function type,
     59   otherwise the C compiler won't add the `@n` suffix to the symbol.
     60   We can't add the `@n` suffix ourselves, because it is illegal
     61   syntax in C.  However, we always declare these labels with the
     62   type `void (*)(void)`, to avoid conflicts if the same function
     63   is called at different types in one module (see `Graphics.Win32.GDI.HDC.SelectObject`).
     65 * Another exception is made for functions that are marked `never returns`.  We
     66   have to put an `__attribute__((noreturn))` on the declaration for these functions,
     67   and it only works if the function is declared with a proper function type and
     68   called without casting it to/from a pointer.  So only the correct prototype
     69   will do here.
    5271 * all RTS symbols already have declarations (mostly with the correct